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DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and former ‘Batman’ comic artist Jim Lee may have confirmed Robert Pattinson‘s casting as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Matt Reeves‘ prequel/reboot ‘The Batman’.  While preparing for a trip to Abu Dhabi, he posted a picture on Instagram of his passport, with his in-flight entertainment including a gaming device, a tablet with loads of TV shows and movies to binge, and an e-reader which appears to be pulled up to interviews conducted by Howard Stern (possibly from his new book).  It just so happens that his two interview subjects are Pamela Anderson and Robert Pattinson.

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Ready for my 16 hour nonstop flight! What am I missing? #essentials #abudhabi #uae

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Two weeks ago, conflicting reports surfaced, with some declaring that Pattinson had won the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, with other outlets stating that he was just one of the leading contenders and that Nicholas Hoult was still in the running.  Despite the online firestorm, Warner Brothers has remained silent, neither denying that Pattinson was being eyed or had actually signed on nor confirming it.

Even so, almost immediately, an online petition surfaced demanding he be fired (from a job that he may not even have yet) and that the role be recast.  (Because if anything gets things done, it’s an online petition.)

On the flip side, other fans have begun lobbying for WB to hire Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend and ‘Twilight Saga’ costar Kristen Stewart to play Catwoman.

At the very least, it is believed that Reeves’ screenplay does include Catwoman and The Penguin, in addition to other villains, some of whom will have smaller background roles.  (Riddler is reported as potentially being in the mix.)  Filming is expected to begin later this year, possibly in the winter.  So expect an official announcement from Warner Brothers soon.

No matter who is starring, ‘The Batman’ is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.