Jim Lee Insists That Zack Snyder Wasn't Fired From 'Justice League'

With the debacle of ‘Justice League,’ we’ve heard rumors from multiple sources that Zack Snyder didn’t depart from the film due just to family tragedy but had actually been let go from the studio. At a recent panel which DC creator and co-Publisher Jim Lee was at, he was asked about this scenario and quite matter of factly stated that Snyder wasn’t fired.

This statement came out during the recent Calgary expo where a fan shared how it ended up coming up:

DISCUSSION: Jim Lee asked about Batman v Superman and how Zack Snyder was apparently fired from Justice League from r/DC_Cinematic

Lee not only praised Snyder’s work but shared that the director did leave the production on his own and solely due to the loss of his daughter. As a father, I can’t even imagine how tragic that would be for anyone and don’t feel anyone should fault Snyder for bowing out of the production due to this. If you enjoy his work or not, a family tragedy isn’t something which should be danced around when it comes to the director has left the production or being let go.

Do you believe Jim Lee has the whole story on Snyder leaving the production of ‘Justice League’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood