Matt Reeves The Batman

Warner Brothers has scheduled ‘The Batman’ to hit theaters on June 25, 2021, with Matt Reeves directing from a script he wrote himself, which focuses on a young Bruce Wayne at the start of his career.  In early January, rumors swirled that the movie would begin filming in November of this year, and director Matt Reeves‘ latest comments online seem to confirm this.

Beyond the fact that the film focuses on a fledgling Dark Knight, nothing is known about ‘The Batman’.  Rumor has it that the film will pit the caped crusader against multiple villains, with a few taking center stage, and others filling in the background.  This is an approach that has failed miserably in the past (‘Batman & Robin’) and not just when it comes to Batman (‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’).  Hopefully, this doesn’t result in ‘The Batman’ being a bloated mess.  But Warner Brothers has been careful not to rush this picture, and even if it begins filming later this year, that leaves about eight months for pre-production and casting.  So it’s not likely that huge mistakes will be made.  (We hope.)

Armie Hammer quickly shot down rumors that he was in talks to replace Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne this time around.  Warner Brothers is said to be looking for a star roughly 15-20 years younger than Affleck, who is 46.  (Hammer is 32.)  Soon afterward, a list of young actors that Warner Brothers was allegedly considering surfaced and included Nicholas Hoult (‘Dark Phoenix’), Alexander Ludwig (‘Vikings’), Jack O’Connell (‘Godless’), Jack Reynor (‘Strange Angel’), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (‘The Outlaw King’).  That list is probably fake, but this is the second time that Jack O’Connell‘s name has surfaced in connection to ‘The Batman’, so maybe keep an eye on him.

It’s entirely possible some big news will be announced at SDCC this summer.

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ will descend on theaters on June 25, 2021.