Kevin Feige on Marvel One-shots
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The Marvel One-Shots which have been sprinkled throughout the home releases of many movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been great, but we’ve been missing them since ‘All Hail the King’ was released as part of ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ While we haven’t had any since 2014, fans have still been wanting more. Well, Kevin Feige is teasing fans and has likened the upcoming Disney+ shows to these short films! While each new series will each be longer in length than the usual Marvel One-shots, it gives us an idea of how the shows might be used.


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The One-shots were all ways to not only flesh out characters who don’t get enough screen time but also potentially lay the groundwork for future concepts which we’ve heard these new shows plan on doing.

The question came up to Kevin Feige during a recent “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit where the iconic Marvel Studios head was asked:

This was one of the questions Feige happily responded:

So there you have it, folks, you can think of the shows as new extended One-Shots! Offhand, I’m pretty sure they could clear almost another billion if they released “Luis recapping the entire 10-year history of the MCU” as a clip which could be purchased.


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Is the idea of these new shows as extended versions of the Marvel One-Shots something that has you more or less excited for the upcoming shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!