'Shadowhunters' Showrunners Reveal Aborted Plans For Season Four

‘Shadowhunters’ was canceled by Freeform, so the showrunners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin were able to wrap the series up in a two-hour finale, but they obviously weren’t able to explore all of the storylines that they would have liked to in a full fourth season.  While some fans were able to at least say goodbye and get some closure, the pair confessed to Entertainment Weekly what they would have liked to have explored, had they gotten more episodes.

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First, Swimmer and Slavkin say they would have explored the relationship between Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines) and Seelie Queen (Kimberly-Sue Murray).  According to Slavkin:

“We never would’ve killed the Seelie Queen this early.  That relationship between Jonathan and the Seelie Queen was going to be a season. It was going to be much longer. His metamorphosis was going to take more time.”

New character Helen Blackthorn (Sydney Meyer) would have gotten a lot more development, including in regard to her relationship with fellow newcomer Aline Penhallow (Jacky Lai).

“The Helen and Aline relationship was going to be big moving forward.  Helen Blackthorn has siblings. She’s the oldest of a group of siblings and one of them gets murdered in the books — we would’ve done that story.”

One of the show’s most popular pairings, “Malec,” (Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario) would have gotten a longer courtship.

“We would’ve planned the wedding.  That would’ve taken time. The wedding would not have happened the same day.”

The LA Institute, which was introduced in the finale, would have played a bigger role, in particular when it comes to Luke (Isaiah Mustafa).

“Luke as a Shadowhunter was going to be a great story.  He’d live in the Institute and be a bigger part of it, and it’d be so great!”

Finally, another favorite ship finally came together, but in a more slapdash fashion than the showrunners had hoped.  Here is what Swimmer had to say about “Sizzy” (Alberto Rosende, Emeraude Toubia):

“We were patiently building to this relationship that was going to have a lot of depth and go on for seasons.  These are all things we’re going to have to have the fans continue in the fan fiction.”

If you want to relive the magic of ‘Shadowhunters’, it is available to stream on Hulu.