Because Space

If you can’t get enough of what lies beyond our planet, you’ll be interested in “a new space-focused show” coming to the hit YouTube Channel Because Science. ‘Because Space’ is the new companion series from the Nerdist that plans to “explore all the out-of-this-world science featured in the off-world stories and shows we love.” Hosted by the “Planetary Protection Engineer, Dr. Moogega Stricker” (aka Dr. Moo) , we’ll see her share expert explanations about the stars in ways that are sure to entertain.

You can check out the ‘Because Space’ trailer right here!


It isn’t entirely clear if every episode will have as much of a pop culture influence as Beyond Science though I’ll be excited either way.

Digging into things, “Dr. Moo will tackle the questions that pop up outside our immediate atmosphere, whether they show up on neighboring planets or in galaxies far, far away.” Clearly, with that last tag, we should be getting at least a few references to the science fiction we love. At least, one would hope that we do!

We’ll also have to wait and see if Kyle Hill ends up showing up at all to help Dr. Moo tap into the built-in fan base in the first episodes.

Not only does this look to be an informative new series but one that is fun to watch for any fans of what is happening outside of Earth.

Are you excited to check out Nerdist’s upcoming ‘Because Space’? Do you feel that Dr. Moogega Stricker is the perfect host for this new series? What sort of topics do you hope this series will end up covering when it goes live? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Nerdist and Because Science Present New Series ‘Because Space,’ Premiering Monday, May 20 at 8am PT