While details have been scarce for the upcoming ‘The Walking Dead‘ spin-off which had been code named ‘Cobalt‘, a recent reading of the script suggests that the official title of the first episode for the series will be ‘Fear The Walking Dead’. The name was originally being circulated as the full series title though International Business Times was contacted by the studio saying it was just the first episode whose script this was for.

Initially a few script excerpts were even leaked though Rainbow Media has pretty much been cracking down on any site releasing it and doing so in a way that has confirmed the details we’ve been given seem to be true. Usually take down notices don’t confirm early scripts but the exact text from the take down request has been:

Notwithstanding this, it has come to our attention that unauthorized excerpts from the unreleased Pilot script, as well as unreleased plot elements from the Pilot, are being distributed without authorization via your website at the following URL:

Rainbow Media has the good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by Rainbow Media, its agent or the law. Rainbow Media diligently enforces its rights in and to the Pilot in all forms of media and rightfully takes its responsibility for the protection of the Pilot seriously.

Yes, “unauthorized excerpts from the unreleased Pilot script” means we’ve got some solid details on the first episode to share with you! The first episode was co-written by ‘The Walking Dead’ co-creator Robert Kirkman and ‘Low Winter Sun’ writer/producer Dave Erickson. This show is right as the offset of the outbreak prior to the undead actually being up, around, and in your face! Well, trying to eat your face that is. We’re initially introduced to the lead characters who are a mother, a man who is about to be a step-father, and their teenage children. (Madison, Travis, Alicia, and Ian respectively.) We’re also introduced to Travis’ ex-wife Liza and their son Christopher. These names seem to be at odds with the original names we’ve seen for characters but either set could be placeholders.

Soon after the infection begins to spread, rumors of the undead run rampant though the CDC insists that the infected are not actually dead. Could this CDC reference be a tie-in that brings us back Noah Emmerich’s Edwin Jenner character from the first season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’?

We’ll be seeing the fall of civilization and how this extended family manages to survive the outbreak, at least for the time being.

Are you looking forward to this new take on ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you feel that knowing more about how the outbreak happened will add to or take away from the universe that Kirkman has created? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bleeding Cool