'Gotham' Releases A Final Series Finale Trailer

Batman is rising in the series finale of ‘Gotham‘ and to celebrate the Dark Knight finally starting his attempt at righting the wrongs in the city he grew up in, Fox has released a new trailer for the finale! Season 5 is going to end the series on the twelfth episode, and we’re getting one final time jump that shows Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham City to put the criminals who are still running rampant behind bars.


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“Witness the rise of the Dark Knight. It’s the final episode of GOTHAM.”

You can watch the ‘Gotham’ series finale trailer right here!


Set 10-years after the previous episode, we see a young Master Wayne has all grown up into the warrior we know him to bee as Wayne Enterprises is still thriving in a city reborn. But while the city has rebuilt, so have the rats who have been infecting it since before the fall as “Joker”, Riddler, and Penguin are all still on the loose with Commissioner Gordon spinning his wheels on trying to protect the city he calls home.


What did you think of the trailer for the final episode of ‘Gotham’? Are you excited to see Bruce Wayne’s journey come to an end as Batman’s is just beginning? Has this been a satisfying series for you so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The final episode of ‘Gotham’ will air this week on April 25th, 2019!