Warner Brothers haven’t been able to turn the tides which have risen against the new DCEU which they created with ‘Man of Steel,’ and we’ve just learned that ‘The Batman’ is now set to reboot their entire DCEU! ‘Aquaman,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ and ‘Justice League’ are all still happening as is but all of the future titles are being shuffled about for a reboot that will begin in the next Batman movie to give the entire franchise a different tone.

Not only that, but it will be a reboot that fans of DC Comics will be very familiar with as The Dark Knight is following up an investigation, a “Crisis” event is going to happen! We’ll see the reboot happen part way into the film as they bring an entirely new universe into existence using the same players that we’ve already known.

A “Crisis” event has been being planned behind-the-scenes ever since Zack Snyder’s tone had pushed away so many of the fan base in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The news came about directly from director Matt Reeves who has been working with DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns.

“With so many movies that will need to be retooled to fit this new Universe we only felt that bringing ‘The Batman’ forward for a release date seemed to be the best bet to launch this new take on the universe. Just like Superman was the catalyst for the current set of movies, we’ll see the always popular Batman usher in the next set with a twist that no one will see coming.”

There is no confirmation as to if all of the current actors will be retaining their roles after this massive shake-up hits though, for the most part, it hasn’t been the actors which have been the problems with the movies.

Do you feel that a “Crisis” is the best way to keep the DCEU going forward and explain an entirely different tone and direction of the films? Or do you hope this is really true and not another April Fool’s joke? Share your thoughts below!

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