Sean Gunn Discusses Kraglin's Current 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Status

At the end of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2’, Sean Gunn‘s Kraglin remained with the ragtag heroes following the death of his former boss Yondu (Michael Rooker).  But he was absent when the Guardians encountered the heroes of Earth in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.  There’s no word on whether or not Kraglin appears in ‘Endgame’ (although it doesn’t look as though he does), but with James Gunn (Sean’s brother) returning to helm ‘Guardians, Vol. 3’, expect to see this rogue again.

In the meantime, Sean Gunn discussed the status of his character, following the events of ‘Guardians, Vol. 2’:

“I think that that’s to be determined.  You know, I think that Kraglin’s story isn’t finished yet. I think I’m comfortable to say that. And I wouldn’t go necessarily so far as to say he’s a Guardian, but I know that


“We know that all of the rest of the people on Kraglin’s ship are dead, he’s the only survivor from that whole crew of Ravagers that he starts with on the second movie.


“I think we’ll see if Kraglin stays loyal or if he stays with the Guardians in some capacity.  I’m really not sure about that yet. I have some ideas because I’ve heard some whispers about what goes on in the third movie, but again, I don’t know for sure.”

Considering that he’s the brother of the director and writer, I’m sure he’s heard more than whispers, but this is Marvel, so everything is kept under lock and key until the movie is set to release.  At this point, James Gunn is attached to direct Warner Brothers’ DC movie ‘The Suicide Squad’ which looks to be closing in on production.  Once he finishes that, he will be back at Marvel for ‘Guardians, Vol. 3’.

While Kraglin may or may not be in ‘Endgame’, Sean Gunn was a part of it, as he provides the motion-capture performance for Rocket Raccoon.

While ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3’ does not yet have a release date, Sean Gunn’s work will next be seen in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ on April 26.