seann gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ is a go, according to Sean Gunn.

Gunn, brother to former ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn, also plays Kraglin in the films. Gunn appeared at the premiere of ‘Captain Marvel’ on Monday, where he was asked how the film would continue without his brother. He explained:

“I don’t know exactly how that’s all gonna work, but I feel like we are going to make the third movie, I’m excited to make it, I think it’s a disservice to the fans if we didn’t make it and I know the people who worked on the ‘Guardians’ movies are really a family, and we’re gonna come together and make the best movie we can regardless of who’s in charge.”

He continued, saying:

“I just have this feeling everything’s gonna work itself out.”

For those who don’t remember, Disney fired James Gunn from the ‘Guardians’ franchise after old tweets from the director were revealed by a right-wing media personality. The tweets appeared to mock the issue of pedophilia. Despite an apology from Gunn and a campaign by cast members and fans to bring him back, Disney refused to waver from its position.

Sean Gunn was also asked his opinion on why Marvel waited so long to release a female-led film. He responded:

“It’s hard to change Hollywood because people tend to stick with what they perceive works. And so, they think, ‘Oh this works, so we have to do this.’ And so then it’s like, ‘Oh, we can’t headline a superhero movie with a woman, that’s outrageous.’ Of course, it’s not outrageous, it’s long overdue. But hopefully we’re all catching up and I would like to see a lot more female-helmed superhero movies.”

‘Captain Marvel’ opens in theaters this Friday!