The Emmys Declare That 'American Horror Story' Must Compete As A Drama Not A Miniseries

‘American Horror Story’ has been hit with a bit of a shakeup from outside.  The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, or the Emmys, have declared that the FX series cannot compete in the “Miniseries or Movie” category this year.  In the past, it has succeeded in that category, as opposed to as a regular Drama, and it has been allowed to do so, because technically it is an anthology that tells a completely new, self-contained story each season, with a beginning, middle, and end.  But the Emmys have declared that the last season, ‘Apocalypse’, will have to compete in the regular Drama categories because it contained “continuing story threads, characters, and actors reprising those same character roles from previous seasons.”


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However, this is just a ruling pertaining to ‘Apocalypse’, which was a crossover event, merging characters and storylines from ‘Murder House’ (Season 1) and ‘Coven’ (Season 3), with a few others sprinkled in.  There have been characters and story elements in past seasons that have crossed over on a smaller scale, and the Emmys have seemingly been okay with that.  Provided that this year’s installment, which was just revealed to be named ‘1984’, goes back to that formula, it will most likely be allowed to switch back to the Miniseries and Movie field.

Under the Miniseries banner, ‘American Horror Story’ has won an astounding 16 Emmys, including acting awards for Jessica Lange, James Cromwell, and Kathy Bates.  Lange won under the Supporting Actress category for her role as Constance Langdon in ‘Murder House’, and Lead Actress for playing Fiona Goode in ‘Coven’.  Bates’ win also came for ‘Coven’ in the Supporting role as Madame Delphine LaLaurie.  Cromwell won in the Supporting Actor category for playing Arthur Arden in ‘Asylum’.


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Keep in mind, this ruling only determines under what category the show can be submitted for consideration.  There is no guarantee that it will be nominated or win anything.  In fact, the Emmy voting body has seemingly cooled on ‘AHS’ as a whole as in recent years, it has mainly been nominated for technical awards like makeup and costuming.  The fact that it will now be competing against ongoing drama series may also hurt its chances.

What do you think?  Was ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ worthy of Emmy honors?


Source: TV Line