In the intriguing trailer for USA’s upcoming show ‘Colony‘ (brought to us by Producer Carlton Cuse from ‘Lost’ and writer Ryan Condal), we get a look at the world of the show, where alien invaders are holding LA in their grasp, keeping the people under their power much like the Nazis did to Vichi France during WWII. And that comparison is actually what the showrunners were shooting for, wanting to show the aliens as not just conquerors here to destroy. In the words of Condal:

“Our invaders didn’t come in just to destroy our territory; they came with the purpose of utilizing our resources for themselves for whatever they have been planning.”

The trailer itself, showing off stars Josh Holloway (also of ‘Lost’ fame) and Sara Wayne Callies (‘The Walking Dead’), sets up the story of a family who lost their son during the invasion, and the father beginning to take action with the resistance in order to find their child. He is caught during an explosion while being smuggled out, and is recruited by the alien collaborators to become a double-agent within the resistance. His wife is worried that he will make their family a target, including her and their remaining daughter, but the man feels he does not have a choice. Eventually, it seems as though he relents to the demands of his overlords, but does want his son back in exchange, to which he is a given vague assurances that he will be rewarded for his help.

Some people have pointed out the show’s premise is similar to ‘V,’ the original of which came out decades ago, and the more recent one airing on ABC not so many years ago, and also starring ‘Lost’ alum (Elizabeth Mitchell). However, this show looks different for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that we do not see the aliens, at least not at first, as the show’s creators want to keep the details vague, wanting “the audience to learn at the same pace as the characters.”

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Source: Blastr