Dan Weiss On Why He And David Benioff Directed The Series Finale Of 'Game Of Thrones'

As showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss have been very open on letting other directors tackle episodes of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ In fact, they’ve even let others direct some of the largest moments in the show’s history. When it came to the series finale though, the two weren’t letting anyone else touch the episode. It wasn’t a matter of ego or pride, but the two have been formulating how to end the series before the first episode even aired. It has lived with them for the entire run of the series, and they’re not just professionally invested in how it turns out but personally as well.

They also don’t want to be able to blame anyone but themselves if it doesn’t live up to fan expectations as a series can live or die by how the final episode of a show plays out.


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According to Weiss:

“We trust our directors. When something has been sitting with you for so long, you have such a specific sense of the way each moment should play and feel. Not just in terms of “this shot or that shot,” though sometimes it’s that as well. So it’s not really fair to ask somebody else to get that right. We’d be lurking over their shoulder every take driving them crazy, making it hard for them to do their job. If we’re going to drive anybody crazy, it might as well be ourselves. At least if something goes wrong, he can yell at me, and I can yell at him.”

This is a fair sentiment. This way if things don’t turn out they can’t blame anyone but themselves. When it comes to favorite finales, Benioff jokingly shared that ‘The Sopranos’ had one of his favorite endings of all time and that “the only sad part is nobody can ever do that ending again” which Weiss chimed in “Except us” with Benioff concluding, “except for our black screen.”


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While I don’t expect ‘Game of Thrones’ to cut to black in the same way and leave audiences wondering if the vital character of the series died, I also wouldn’t expect every loose end to be neatly tied up for us.

How do you think ‘Game of Thrones’ is going to come to a close? Who, if anyone, will be sitting on the Iron Throne when the final credits roll? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Fight for the living. ‘Game of Thrones’ returns for its final season on April 14th, 2019!


Source: Entertainment Weekly