Dean became a demon, but he’s not the only Winchester going dark in Season Ten.  His brother Sam is also tapping into his dark side in his hunt for Dean and Crowley.

In the finale of Season Nine, Dean, thanks to The Mark of Cain, went all the way over the line and became a demon.  So obviously, in the opening of Season Ten, Sam is going to go on the hunt.  But how long will it take for him to figure out what exactly has happened to his brother?

Crowley… well, Mark Sheppard, the actor who plays him, has been bumped up to a series regular, so he’ll be playing an even bigger role.  As to how Crowley will play a role in Dean’s upcoming story remains to be seen.

But Sam seems to be desperate to find Dean and will go to extreme means to do so in this short clip from the premier episode from the upcoming new season.  You can watch it below:

I mean, that’s beyond waterboarding to say the least!

Is this going to be the darkest season of ‘Supernatural’ yet?  It certainly doesn’t look very sunny!  (Well, it’s night time, but you know what I mean.)

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Source: Blastr