Apple TV+ Gives A First Look At Jason Momoa's 'See'

In ‘See’ we’re given a world that ‘Bird Box’ only began to discover. Instead of an Earth where people had to cut off their own vision to survive, we’re shown a world where the majority of Earth’s populace had died out, and those who survived were blind. On top of that, all future generations are now being born without vision.


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Jason Momoa will play Baba Voss in the series which is “described as a warrior, leader, and guardian” in this new science fiction drama on Apple TV +. The series itself was written by Steven Knight (‘Peaky Blinders’) and directed by Francis Lawrence (‘Red Sparrow,’ ‘The Hunger Games’). Also joining Momoa in front of the camera will be Alfre Woodard as Paris who is “a priestess and advisor to Baba Voss.”

According to Momoa:

“Try to think about the world this way: heard, touched, smelled, sensed. Imagine every human experience available to you — love, joy, discovery, despair, and home — imagine it was all experienced this way … without seeing.”

The new generation who cannot see have designed a world which is “designed and built to be experienced without sight.” As Woodard explains it:

“In this world, we have our evil queens, brave heroes, and thrilling adventure, but beyond the adventure, See will ask questions you may have already started asking yourselves…how much of my experience of the world is visual? Without sight, will it change who I am?”

You can check the sizzle reel for Apple TV + which gave a super quick preview of the new show:


The concept puts us in quite a fascinating fantasy world, and one which I’m sure will have many audiences questioning how this society survives and even thrives in a world where no one can see. Also, before we get into the story, we have to wonder how the survivors were even able to find one another with most of humanity having been killed off.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘See’? Which plot points have you most interested or concerned for the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly