This past weekend at the MTV M0vie Awards, Warner Bros continued their marketing campaign for ‘Suicide Squad‘ by releasing another trailer for the film,this one ending with the classic song ‘Ballroom Blitz,’ the second song that the filmmakers have borrowed from the score of ‘Wayne’s World.’ (a fact that might not be entirely relevant, but I thought was kind of cool). The new trailer gives a bit more explanation into why exactly the government would sign off on the squad being formed (apparently as a deterrent against other superpowered beings from taking over the US), and showcasing a lot more of Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg trying to maintain control over the team.

We also got to see more of the individual members of the squad, especially Will Smith’s Deadshot, as he has a particularly memorable moment of yelling at El Diablo trying to get him to a state to use his powers and then backing off once he sees the man’s strength. And of course, it continues to look like Margot Robbie is going to steal the show as Harley Quinn, as even in the trailers she has some of the best lines and seems like the most unconventional and unpredictable character on the squad. The whole trailer definitely falls in line with what we have been hearing about Warner Bros wanting to make sure ‘Suicide Squad’ is more lighthearted after the unending depressing of ‘Batman V Superman,’ though I think David Ayers and company have already done a pretty good job of delivering an entertaining movie and trailers, just based on what we have already seen.

Check out the trailer for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on ‘Suicide Squad’ in the comments below. Are you, like me, worried about these “lighthearted” reshoots we have been hearing about lately? Do you also think that ‘Suicide Squad’ already looks like its going to be a winner, and Warner Bros should just leave it alone? Share your opinions below!