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Marvel unveiled a brand new ‘Avengers: Endgame’ on Thursday and fans were ecstatic!  Apparently, that enthusiasm was short-lived for some.   Borrowing from the movies, the new trailer had a mini “post-credits” gag, a meeting between Thor and Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, the reigning box office champ for two weeks in a row.  That’s when the needle scratched the record, as some fans found themselves livid that she was… wearing makeup!

One user decided to turn the tables.

But none were more furious than this user.  Hear her out but don’t even think about @ing her!

But not everyone was so taken aback.  Some came to her defense.

And then there is me, who didn’t realize she WASN’T wearing makeup in ‘Captain Marvel’ and didn’t realize she WAS wearing makeup in the ‘Endgame’ trailer because this whole thing is f#%&ing stupid and I don’t give a crap.  It’s not like wearing makeup makes her a less effective superhero.  It’s not like she went and got fake boobs that would get in her way or something.

Plus, what’s the context of this scene?  She’s not in uniform.  She’s not actually fighting Thanos.  Maybe she just got back from a fancy dinner.  Plus, what does it matter?  So what if she got back to Earth after twenty years and decided to hit up Sephora?  Is that some cardinal sin?  Is she just supposed to go through life looking like she’s about to fix a toilet at all times to prove her badass-ery?

This is a character who, in the comic books, spent almost the entire forty years of her existence fighting crime in a one-piece bathing suit and high heel hip boots, and at one point had a cutout window to show off her abdomen.  Just be glad they didn’t go with that design for the movie suit.

Anyway, if you need a fix of makeup-free Carol, ‘Captain Marvel’ is playing in theaters now, so you can always go back if you need to purge the disgusting image of Brie Larson in lipstick from your brain.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ opens on April 26, but if you are sickened by a woman in cosmetics, you should probably skip that one.

Source: Allure