Warner Brothers has announced a release date for Matt Reeves‘ ‘The Batman,’ which… might be a reboot.  Expect the Dark Knight to darken theaters again on June 25, 2021.  That means that production could actually begin anytime within the next year and a half, although an earlier rumor has a November shoot pegged.  Expect the casting process to begin.  Warner Brothers is reportedly handling this film very carefully, as Batman is their biggest superhero cash cow, and they are keen to shift away from the disappointments like ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ and take him back to the heights of the Christopher Nolan era.

Reeves was announced as tackling this picture in 2017 and has been steadily working to fine-tune the script ever since.  Ben Affleck will not star, as we have known for a year or so now, as ‘The Batman’ will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne, just starting out in his crime-busting career.

As far as we know, Affleck is still serving as executive producer.  Affleck was set to produce, direct, write, and star in ‘The Batman’, but stepped down after the previously mentioned disappointments.  For a while, he was still expected to star, until talk of a “Year One” approach began to surface.  Affleck was expected to take a major role in shaping the cinematic DC Universe when Warner Brothers first signed him, and he even took an active role by rewriting parts of ‘Batman V Superman’.  But Warner Brothers was forced to revise their approach to the DC movies, and at this point, it seems that the studio is moving forward and not looking back.

While the emphasis on a shared universe has been relaxed, it is possible that ‘The Batman’ will feature a younger version of the hero that would become Affleck’s take.  Or he may just exist in his own bubble.  There was talk of connecting ‘The Batman’ to the upcoming ‘Joker’ movie, but that sounds unlikely.

At any rate, Reeves has stated that he expects ‘The Batman’ to be the first of three films.

Now that a release date has been scheduled, expect news to be released more steadily.  Are you excited that a new ‘Batman’ movie, or a possible series?

Source: Deadline