ricky whittle

Ricky Whittle stars in the plum role as Shadow Moon on Starz’s ‘American Gods’, which just kicked off its second season.  But he has his eye on bigger things, specifically, playing Green Lantern on the big screen.

While promoting ‘American Gods’ Season 2, Whittle spoke to Syfy Wire, saying:

“The character Green Lantern needs to be reborn. Even Ryan Reynolds came up with that when he killed himself in the Deadpool credits, which was hilarious. I’d love to be a part of that universe, whether it be John Stewart or Simon Baz, maybe. They are both characters I would be honored to play.

“We know that Green Lantern Corps is coming out. I’ve had conversations, and to be in the conversation is a big honor. That’s all I can really ever ask for. Lots of fans have been campaigning for me. If they can get me Green Lantern, too, we are going to have to do something special. I’m going to have to start doing tours in full costume and go and watch with all the fans. But, yeah, I would love to be a part of that world. Hopefully, they do it justice this time.”

Whittle’s comments can be interpreted in two ways.  While it can be inferred that Whittle is saying that he has sat down for official talks with those at Warner Brothers, it actually sounds like Whittle is just saying that he’s had conversations with fans, either online or in person.

His next comments make that clear:

“It’s a fantastic character, and an important character, if you read the comics in terms of human society and race and different issues that we are engulfed by in at the moment in America. You never know. If Geoff Johns is reading this, I am definitely up for it. I’m a huge fan.

“What I like is they are taking their time with it. They are not rushing it like with the first one. They are taking their time and doing it right, which is how it should be. It’s in good hands with Geoff. Fingers crossed. Whatever he does, I’ll be watching it, no matter what.”

Geoff Johns and Justin Rhodes are currently working on a script for ‘Green Lantern Corps’, which has been in some phase of development since ‘Batman V Superman’.  The plan has always been for the film to be a “buddy cop movie” like ‘Lethal Weapon’, with a seasoned older vet and a young hothead partner.  While Stewart, a former Marine, is usually depicted as being more by-the-books, it is rumored that Jordan will be the older mentor, while Stewart will be the rookie.

There are also rumors that Guy Gardner will appear.  And DC recently introduced two new Earth-based Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.  There was a brief rumor that they would be the focus of ‘GLC’, but that was shot down quickly.

Last year, word surfaced that Tom Cruise was being considered to portray Hal Jordan.

As for Whittle, it would be fair to give him a chance to audition, but judging simply based on ‘American Gods’, I don’t know that he has the chops.  But that’s just me.

What do you think?  Would Whittle make a good cinematic GL?