green lantern corps

While DC and Warner Bros. have supposedly been laying the groundworks for ‘Green Lantern Corps‘ throughout their movies, the details of the actual film have been shrouded in mystery. However, a new update from Geoff Johns‘ Mad Ghost Productions on their projects page may have hinted at the inclusion of fan-favorite Guy Gardner making an appearance. It isn’t clear how vital to the film Gardner will be at this time, but it sounds as if he’ll have a part to play in the film.

The update was noted by an eagle eye DC fan who goes by the screen name of “journeyeffect ” on Reddit. The update on the Mad Ghost Production page added ‘Green Lantern Corps’ to their list of projects and featured an image of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner.

Hints for the movie have already shared that both Jordan and Stewart would be making an appearance, but this is the first time we’ve seen anything even semi-official showing that Gardner could be included. The inclusion of this artwork could be just what they wanted to use but also could mean that the hero has at least an active supporting role in the movie if he isn’t one of the leads as well.

That being said, the description of the film only mentions Jordan and Stewart. The last update we heard from Johns was that:

“I want to make sure I write the best script I can possibly write, so I need to go away in a cave and write that script and finish it and then come out and go ‘okay’ and work with the guys and really make sure we’ve got the best story to tell and the best way into this character. I think we have a lot of things in it that…people know my run from Green Lantern and so they shouldn’t be too surprised by seeing what we bring into it.”

Hopefully, this script will end up including a prominent role for Gardner as well.

Are you excited that Guy Gardner could be appearing in ‘Green Lantern Corps’? Are there any other Green Lanterns that you’d love to see make an appearance? Share your thoughts below!

The ‘Green Lantern Corps’ will be appearing in your local theaters on July 24th, 2020!

Source: Comic Book