We are back in action (figures) with an all new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on ScienceFiction.com where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! Things have been a little crazy with the aftermath of New York Toy Fair, but we are officially back at it with some great new toy reveals! We have some fantastic new stuff from some of our favorite companies like Diamond Select Toys, Mezco, Quantum Mechanix, and more! There is definitely plenty of awesome new stuff to see in the Toy News for the week of March 5th, 2019!

Diamond Select Post Toy Fair Solicits

Our good friends at Diamond Select Toys are back from New York Toy Fair and they’ve come out swinging for your wallets! This week they released a number of solicitations for new items that will be hitting stores this July, a number of which were first shown at New York Toy Fair in February. There are new products from a number of top licenses like ‘DC Comics’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘John Wick’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and more! Check out the full solicitations and images below!


This 7-inch scale action figure of Bruce Lee features some of the most dynamic articulation ever in a Select figure! Wearing his most famous outfit, the martial arts master sports 21 points of articulation, allowing him to strike the most action-packed poses, and includes an interchangeable head, six interchangeable hands and fists, as well as nunchuks and spinning nunchuks. Designed by Yuri Tming and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $29.99


It’s a bat-tastic bunch of Vinimates in DC Comics VInimates Series 6! Each from a popular new Batman comic series, The Batman Who Laughs, Batman: Damned and Batman: White Knight each get the 4-inch vinyl figure treatment in this series, based on the popular Minimates block figure-style. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Barry Bradfield!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $9.99


The newest heroine on The CW is none other than Batwoman! Based on her appearance in the Arrowverse “Elseworlds” crossover, this PVC diorama of Batwoman hanging from a radio antenna bears the likeness of actress Ruby Rose and is made of high-grade PVC. This approximately 9-inch sculpture features detailed sculpting and paint applications and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Shawn Knapp, sculpted by Cortes Studios!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $49.99


The Dark Knight returns! As seen in the classic Frank Miller mini-series, an older Batman teaches the finer arts of slingshot usage to his newest Robin, Carrie Kelly. This 9-inch-scale Deluxe PVC Diorama measures approximately 8 inches tall, is made of high-grade plastic, and features detailed sculpting and paint details. It comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Shawn Knapp, sculpted by Alterton!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $69.99


The King of All Monsters is now the King of All Vinimates! Godzilla and Mechagodzilla headline the first series of 4″ vinyl figures based on the classic Godzilla films! The black-and-white Godzilla of 1954 and the full-color Godzilla of 1999 team up against their robot doppelganger, and each has an articulated neck to customize their pose. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Barry Bradfield!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $9.99


He’s back! The hitman with a heart of iron returns in an all-new Gallery PVC Diorama. This approximately 9-inch sculpture depicts Wick running through a doorway with his gun drawn, chasing down his next target. Cast in high-quality plastic, this piece features detailed sculpting and paint details, as well as the likeness of actor Keanu Reeves. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $49.99


The new Kingdom Hearts game is final here, and DST has more figures to celebrate! Based on Kingdom Hearts 3, this assortment of three multi-packs includes Hercules with a Dusk, Toy Story Sora with an Air Soldier and the Favorite Deputy Keyblade, and Guardian form Sora with an Air Soldier and the Hero’s Origin Keyblade! Each 7-inch scale action figure features a full range of articulation, and each set comes packaged in display-ready Select figure packaging. Sculpted by Oluf W. Hartvigsen!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $179.94


Hail to the king! T’Challa, the Black Panther, assumes his place in the pantheon of Legends with this regal half-scale bust! Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, this resin bust is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a numbered box with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $150.00


One of the most sinister of X-villains joins the Marvel Gallery line of PVC dioramas! Standing approximately 10 inches tall in a cloud of green smoke, this sculpture of the X-Men foe known as Mr. Sinister is made of high-grade plastic and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. He comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Alterton.
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $49.99


Spider-Man’s ultimate foe gets the ultimate statue! The Green Goblin stands on his Goblin Glider and throws a smoking pumpkin bomb in this approximately 1/6 scale sculpture. Hand-sculpted by Clayburn Moore based on a design by Yuri Tming, this resin statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box.
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $150.00


Time for lights-out! The Sandman is coming, and he’s got the sand to take on Spider-Man — and all of the heroes in your Marvel Select collection! Wearing his classic striped shirt, Flint Marko features legs that can change to a tower of sand, and interchangeable sand fist, claw, and spiked mace pieces! Measuring approximately 7 inches tall, he comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue, and hand-sculpted by Jean St. Jean!
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $29.99


Jack Skellington rests his long, long legs in this new release in the Coffin Doll Collection! Coming with a stylish office chair, Jack stands approximately 16 inches tall and features a real cloth costume, making him look like he just stepped off the screen. He also features 9 points of articulation and an exclusive head sculpt, and comes packaged in a coffin-shaped window box.
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $74.99


Sandy Claws is coming! This deluxe PVC set from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas features Jack in his coffin sleigh, pulled by three skeletal reindeer and led by a tiny figurine of Zero! Set it up on your mantle to let everyone know that a horrific Christmas is on its way! Packaged in a full-color window box.
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019 SRP: $124.99

DC Collectibles New Late 2019 Solicits

The team at DC Collectibles had plenty of great stuff to show off at New York Toy Fair this year, so it only makes sense that they would want to let collectors know when they can anticipate buying them as soon as possible! This week they released quite a few new solicitations for items that we first heard about at Toy Fair last month, including new releases for the ‘Batman: Black & White’ line, the ‘DC Artists Alley’ line, and the all new ‘DC Lucha Explosiva’ action figure line! Check out the full solicitations and images from DC Collectibles below!


The BATMAN BLACK & WHITE line brings to life interpretations of the World’s Greatest Detective and select Gotham City characters from the comics industry’s brightest stars. The menacing force behind DARK NIGHTS: METAL is back for a second BATMAN BLACK & WHITE statue. That’s right, the evil, the charming, the Batman Who Laughs has returned. This striking, villainous creation with the power to make nightmares shudder is a twisted hybrid of Batman and his archnemesis  The Joker.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
•  Statue measures 7.6″ tall
•  Allocations may occur
In Shops: Aug 28, 2019
SRP: $80.00


Following the success of the Teen Titans multi-part statue, DC Collectibles is back with a new line of combinable statues, this time featuring the Bat-Family! This new set features five statues that can be posed individually or combined into a massive showpiece.
The latest and final release of the Bat-Family collection is the mercurial Red Hood. Set up on the flanking side of the family, Red Hood is heavily armed and ready to surveil the night for enemies. Cast with hints to both his Bat and vigilante origins, his figure features a crest on the armor plate, but he wears his trademark leather jacket atop it. This piece will stand out by itself, but as the final piece to the Bat-Family five-part set, it completes a must-own collection for any DC fan’s home.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
•  Statue measures approximately 7.57″ tall
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $80.00


DC Artists Alley is a stylized collection based on designs from some of today’s cutting-edge artists. Channeling the comic convention experience, DC Artists Alley brings unique, artistic viewpoints to the DC Universe through highly detailed, limited-edition designer vinyl. To fully match the Artist Alley origins of the figures, each box includes a print featuring the original artwork the figure is based on.
The latest artist to join the collection is the monster-obsessed, multi-medium former Madballs creator James Groman. His style is highlighted with delightfully exaggerated and gory details-exposed muscle fibers, superfluous layers of teeth and rippling and calloused skin. Growing up, he was more into movie monsters than superheroes, but always held a special fondness for Batman and his unparalleled rogues gallery. His reimaginings of these beloved characters will evoke both wonder and terror from fans around the globe.
•  Limited to 3,000 pieces and individually numbered
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $65.00


Técnicos! Rudos! Superhero and wrestling fans-” A la lucha!” The wrestling collectible event of the year is here! From the team at DC Collectibles comes a joyful and imaginative new universe that combines the enthralling world of Mexican wrestling and the heroic history of DC Comics: DC LUCHA EXPLOSIVA!
This all-new line of 7″ action figures take its roots from the deep history of Lucha Libre and Mexican luchadores. Each figure is a Latin American-inspired reimagining of a classic DC hero or villain, complete with an all-new backstory drawn from Mexico’s rich cultural history.
With six figures set for release in 2019 and more coming in the years following, fans will be able to create epic storylines of betrayal and redemption, alliances made and broken and emerging heroes and villains. Which figure will you choose to be the campe n?
– Batman In Shops: Aug 28, 2019
– Deathstroke In Shops: Aug 28, 2019
– Metallo II In Shops: Sep 25, 2019
– Superman In Shops: Sep 25, 2019
– Cheetah In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
– Wonder Woman In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $35.00


Good. Better. Best. DC Prime.
From the team at DC Collectibles comes THE premium-grade action figure line for DC characters. These nine-inch highly poseable collectibles come with multiple pairs of hands and accessories, so fans can create their own ultimate renditions of their favorite characters. To help bring these figures to life, the team at DC Collectibles brought on concept designer Riccardo Federici, as well as sculptor and figure designer Wonil Song, to breathe life into these extraordinary action figures.
DC Prime is a best-in-class action figure line designed to be the centerpiece of any collection, direct from the source.
For the first release from the DC Prime line, the team could think of no better hero than the Dark Knight himself-Batman. This massive collectible was carefully designed to be the ultimate Batman action figure. With over 23 different points of articulation, multiple pairs of hands, a wired fabric cape and three unique heads, there are thousands of unique Dark Knight moments just waiting to be created. For those fans looking for the best-in-class Batman collectibles-your action figure has arrived.
* Figure measures approximately 9″ tall
* Allocations may occur
* Final products may differ from images shown
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $125.00


Greg Horn’s bold, highly detailed style has helped him become one of the most recognizable cover artists in comics today. His take on a Harley Quinn joined with the mysterious Batman Who Laughs is a visceral delight for fans of the character. Cast in polyresin, the design is based on Horn’s variant cover from DARK KNIGHTS: METAL.
This Harley wears a haunting mask, walks barefoot and has traded her mallet for the face of the Batman Who Laughs to create a wholly unique and nightmarish addition to the RED, WHITE & BLACK collection.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
•  Statue measures approximately 6.25 ” tall
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $80.00


The DC Multiverse Is Back For More

Mattel may have lost the DC Comics master toy license this year, but until 2020 they are still going to be releasing new products for their preexisting lines! This week they announced a whole new wave of figures for their long running 6″ scale ‘DC Multiverse’ line. The wave appears to be largely comprised of newly updated fan favorite characters from the ‘Teen Titans’ comics, with a few others thrown into the mix. Included in this wave are all new figures of Nightwing, Starfire, Wally West ‘The Flash’, Beast Boy (previously shown as a planned ToysRUs Exclusive), Green Lantern John Stewart, and a figure of Black Lightning that has not been shown but is expected to be based on his appearance in his self titled live action television series that airs on The CW. If you collect the whole wave, you will have a chance to build your very own collect-and-connect figure of Batman from the ‘Batman: Ninja’ animated film! These are expected to hit stores in April.

By The Power Of Grayskull!

For some reason that can only be described as ‘crazed undying love for any aspect of a franchise’, fans of ‘Masters Of The Universe’  have been begging for action figures based on the generally abysmal 1987 live action adaptation for over thirty years. This year, the team at Super7 have announced that the wait is finally over! Super7, who has heralded the ‘Masters Of The Universe’ license since 2017, recently revealed an all new wave of ‘Masters Of The Universe’ figures dubbed ‘The William Stout Collection’ that is based on the production concept art for the classic live action film, including He-Man and Skeletor modeled after Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella! The wave will be comprised of four figures overall including He-Man, Skeletor, Karg, and Hyper Skeletor. They are expected to ship this summer and are up for pre-order now exclusively as a full set for $140! Check out the pre-order info from Super7 below!

Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice William Stout Collection – Set of 4

PRE-ORDER OPEN NOW: The Super7 Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice series continues with the William Stout Collection of highly detailed deluxe 7-inch figures! Based on the legendary 1987 William Stout production art, each highly articulated figure was sculpted by the Four Horsemen and comes complete with accessories. The set includes He-Man, Hyper Skeletor, Karg, and Skeletor and packaging will be posted and shared when finalized.

The Masters of the Universe William Stout Collection set of 4 figures is a made-to-order release for $140 per set (plus shipping) and individual figures are available for $35 each with a full set.This pre-order is open until March 31, 2019 with shipping in Summer 2019. Visit the Pre-Order shop for details and ordering.

If ‘Masters Of The Universe’ isn’t your thing but you are still looking for a massive muscular shirtless figure, Super7 also has an all new 7″ figure of ‘Conan The Barbarian’ on its way! This new ‘Conan’ figure is built using the same buck as most of the ‘Masters Of The Universe Classics’ line so he should fit right in to your collection of figures while also being a truly unique piece. Conan includes a sword, a dagger, a spear, and an alternative head as accessories. Conan will only set you back around $35 plus shipping when he releases this summer, with Super7 taking pre-orders now.

Conan The Barbarian Deluxe 7″ Scale Figure

By Crom! Charging off the pages of the original comics from the 1970’s is the Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure!

Conan comes with spear, sword, dagger, and necklace accessories plus an alternate head!The Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure is a 7″ tall, highly articulated and fully poseable action figure sculpted by the Four Horsemen. It will come packaged in a slip case-style box featuring art from the original comics. The Conan Deluxe Figure is available for pre-order from March 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019.

Coming Soon To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you’re one of the lucky few able to attend the upcoming Disney ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Parks that open later this year, you can look forward to adding an exclusive new figure box set for the ‘Star Wars: Black Series’ 6″ scale toyline from Hasbro! This new figure 4-pack will include 6″ scale figures of Kylo Ren, Commander Pyre, a First Order Mountain Trooper, and an MSE Droid. Sadly for most fans, this item will be available exclusively at Disney Park’s new ‘Star Wars’ sections in both California’s Disney Land and Florida’s Disney World. Check out the full press release about the box set below!

Kids and fans alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures from Star Wars The Black Series! With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. Star Wars The Black Series includes figures, vehicles, and roleplay items from the 40-plus-year legacy of the Star Wars galaxy that includes the Star Wars comics, Star Wars movies, and Star Wars animated series.

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, former Imperial officers, nobles and technologists plotted a return to power, building fleets and armies in secret. This movement became the First Order, led by Supreme Leader Snoke and commanded by Kylo Ren.

These 6-inch-scale Kylo Ren, Mountain Trooper, Commander Pyre, and MSE Droid figures are carefully detailed to look like the characters from Star Wars entertainment and feature premium detail and multiple points of articulation.

Includes: 4 figures and 4 accessories.

6-INCH SCALE KYLO REN, MOUNTAIN TROOPER, COMMANDER PYRE, MSE DROID FIGURES – Secretly built up with armies of Stormtroopers and fleets of droids after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the First Order is a political and military group to be feared. Imagine Kylo Ren plotting his vengeance, Mountain Troopers patrolling rocky peaks, Commander Pyre arriving at the Colossus fueling station, and MSE (mouse) droids performing simple repairs on starships with these 6-inch scale Kylo Ren, Mountain Trooper, Commander Pyre, and MSE Droid figures, inspired by Star Wars entertainment. Commander Pyre and Mountain Trooper figures are Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge exclusive figures.

STAR WARS ENTERTAINMENT-INSPIRED DESIGN – Fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the Star Wars galaxy and Star Wars entertainment with these premium Kylo Ren, Mountain Trooper, Commander Pyre, and MSE Droid figures, inspired by the Star Wars entertainment franchise that includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Star Wars galaxy includes beloved and feared characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia Organa, and Darth Vader, as well as Stormtroopers, droids, and more!

STAR WARS CHARACTER-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES – This Star Wars The Black Series action figure 4-pack comes with Kylo Ren-inspired cape and Lightsaber accessories, Mountain Trooper-inspired blaster accessory, and Commander Pyre-inspired blaster accessory. These accessories make a great addition to any Star Wars The Black Series collection. Kids and fans alike can recall action-packed moments with the members of the First Order, inspired by the characters from the Star Wars galaxy.

PREMIUM ARTICULATION AND DETAILING – Featuring premium deco and multiple points of articulation for poseability (MSE Droid has functional wheels only), fans and collectors can display the figures of the Star Wars The Black Series The First Order Disney Parks Exclusive Figure 4-Pack in their action figure and vehicle collection to imagine scenes from the Star Wars galaxy.

LOOK FOR OTHER FIGURES FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY – Look for other Star Wars The Black Series figures, inspired by the Star Wars movies and entertainment, to collect a 6-inch scale galaxy of Star Wars figures. (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Mezco Goes Higher Further Faster

Marvel Studio’s newest film, ‘Captain Marvel’, is set to hit theaters nationwide this weekend! Needless to say, we are all pretty excited about it! The team at Mezco definitely seems ready to celebrate the film’s release as they have just begun taking pre-orders on their all new One:12 Collective figure of the film’s titular heroine. This new 1:12 scale figure of Captain Marvel features over 30 points of articulation (which is standard for Mezco’s One:12 Collective line) and stands at around 6.3″ tall. She comes packaged with a specialized figure stand, interchangeable heads, a removable Bomber Jacket, a variety of energy blast effects, a crazy amount of alternative hands, and Goose The Cat! Check out the full release and pre-order info from Mezco below!

Mezco Captain Marvel One:12 Collective Figure

From the upcoming and highly-anticipated Marvel film, Captain Marvel joins the One:12 Collective.

The One:12 Collective Captain Marvel figure features 3 head portraits with the likeness of Brie Larson. One masked head features glow-in-the-dark eyes, highlighting her superpowers. Captain Marvel is accompanied by her space-travel companion and pet cat, Goose. The cosmic-powered hero is presented in a fitted suit with star insignia and a removable flight bomber jacket. She comes complete with a range of energy projection effects, perfect for defending earth during a galactic war.

After an accident that caused her DNA to be fused with that of a Kree, Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, gained superhuman strength, energy projection, and flight. The story follows Captain Marvel as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes as Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

THE ONE:12 COLLECTIVE CAPTAIN MARVEL FIGURE FEATURES: One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation, Three (3) head portraits, Hand painted authentic detailing, Approximately 16cm tall, Eight (8) interchangeable hands including One (1) pair of fists (L & R), One (1) pair of posing hands (L & R), One (1) pair of grabbing hands (L & R), One (1) pair of holding hands (L & R)

COSTUME: Fitted suit with star insignia, Shoulder armor, Wrist gauntlets, Waist belt, Mid-calf boots

ACCESSORIES: One (1) Goose The Cat, One (1) bomber jacket, Two (2) Energy ball effects, Two (2) Energy wrap effects, Two (2) Energy beam effects, One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo, One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each One:12 Collective Captain Marvel figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.


Strange things are afoot at Incendium Online! If there was one easy way to make the world just a little more excellent, it would be to have more collectibles based on the classic ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ film series, and the team at Incendium Online is doing just that! In a totally non-bogus move, Incendium Online has announce a new line of 5″ throwback figures based on the original ‘Bill & Ted’ film! The line will feature around 10 points of articulation on average, with each figure coming packaged on a retro styled cardback similar to the old ‘Bill & Ted’ line from Kenner in the early 90’s. So far we have only seen concept art, but the figures themselves are expected to release this summer so it shouldn’t be too long before we see them fully developed! For now the only figures announced and up for pre-order are our titular heroes, Bill S. Preston and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan (and each includes their own guitar accessory), but Incendium Online has hinted that we can anticipate more figures being announced soon if the first few do well. You can pre-order them now, with each figure priced at $29.99.

Oh My!

Quantum Mechanix is ready to boldly go back to ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ for their latest 1:6th scale figure! It looks like they’re back to building the original Enterprise Bridge Crew  with their all new 1:6th scale figure of Hikaru Sulu! This 12″ 1:6 scale figure features around 30 points of articulation and includes a number of interchangeable hands, both a Type I and Type II Phaser, a Tricorder, and a communicator! Sulu isn’t up for pre-order just yet, but when he is he is expected to be priced at $179.99. Check out the full release info from QMX below!

Star Trek: The Original Series Hikaru Sulu 1/6 Scale Figure

Helmsman and future captain, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, joins the QMx Master Series articulated figure line for Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS).

Sulu was fourth in command and manned the helm, steering the starship Enterprise on her five-year mission. This 1:6-scale figure re-creates this iconic character in exquisite detail. Standing approximately 12 inches tall, every element, from his 23rd century tunic to his custom black boots, is authentically reproduced. The original portrait sculpt of George Takei as Sulu has an authentic, hand-painted likeness.

The QMx Sulu 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure includes:

Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allows the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 30 cm tall.

Realistic Portrait: Faithfully rendered by a top artist, this is a realistic portrait of Scotty with a detailed likeness. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted.

Starfleet Duty Uniform Tunic: Meticulously researched, this duty uniform tunic matches the pattern, fabric and color of the original costume down to the last stitch. The sleeves are trimmed with accurate and detailed braid insignia.

Starfleet Standard-Issue Black T-Shirt: This regulation black tee is worn under the tunic.

Starfleet Duty Uniform Pants: This faithful replica of the pants worn by the Enterprise crew in Star Trek™: TOS features the characteristic bell-shaped leg. Magnets sewn into the pants allow the magnetic phaser and communicator to be worn as they were in the show.

Boots: Using leather-like material cut in the original style of the footwear worn in Star Trek™: TOS, these boots zip up on the inside.

Starfleet Delta Insignia Display Base: A custom display base featuring the familiar Star Trek delta symbol will hold up the figure and allow more extreme poses.

This fine collectible figure is a perfect rendition of everyone’s favorite “miracle worker” and a great addition to your Star Trek™ 1:6-scale figure collection.

Equipment: Sulu has everything a good Starfleet officer needs for an away mission-

Phasers Type I & Type II: The pistol-grip type II phaser is the weapon of choice for any landing party expecting hostile aliens. The smaller Type I phaser can be removed and used separately. Both have magnets allowing them to be worn directly on the pants as they were in the 3rd season.

Communicator: This accurately styled communicator features a real metal flip-up antenna. Includes a magnet so it can attach to the pants.

Tricorder: This replica rotates open at the top and has an opening front door. Sulu can wear the tricorder over his shoulder with the leather-like strap.

Hands: Each figure comes with multiple hands for various Trek-like activities-

  • Relaxed hands (with middle finger missing on the right hand).
  • Fists.
  • Right Phaser Hand: Perfectly holds the pistol grip Phaser II.
  • Right Phaser Hand: for holding the small Phaser I.
  • Left Accessory Hand: Holds the communicator or tricorder.

Height: 11.81 in, 30 cm

The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!

Funko Shop 2: Electric Boogaloo

The team at Funko is ready to set up shop in Los Angeles! While details are scarce for now, later this year Funko fans can look forward to an all new Funko Shop to open up in beautiful downtown Hollywood in an effort to spread their brand and their message to fans and collectors. Check out the full press release from Funko below!

New store slated to open in late 2019

EVERETT, Wash., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Funko, Inc. (“Funko,” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq:FNKO), a leading pop culture consumer products company, today announced it will be opening a second retail location in Los Angeles later this year. The new space will broaden company awareness and display the breadth of Funko product and content providers that the brand carries.

“It was a no-brainer to open our second retail location in the television and film mecca of the world – Hollywood,” said Brian Mariotti, Chief Executive Officer at Funko. “We couldn’t be more excited to have a presence among the most influential production studios and creative talent delivering pop culture content.”

The nearly 40,000 square foot space on Hollywood Boulevard is part of the Eastown development, the new place to work, live and play in the heart of East Hollywood. Minutes from the Hollywood Pantages Theater and TLC Chinese Theater, Eastown occupants currently include SoulCycle and Shake Shack.

The U.S. Travel Association reported that Los Angeles County had a record-setting 50 million visitors in 2018. (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 2019)

Funko’s first retail location opened in 2017 at the company headquarters in Everett, Washington and has become a must-see destination for collectors, pop culture enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados.


DC Entertainment’s next big film is swooping into theaters this April with ‘Shazam’! The team at Funko is at the top of their game as always, so we’ve got a fantastic new line of POP! Vinyls heading to stores just in time for the film. Fans can look forward to POP! Vinyls of Shazam, Freddy, Eugene, Mary, Darla, and Pedro hitting the shelves this spring! There will also be a Hot Topic exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Shazam POP! Vinyl for hardcore fans!

Funko ECCC 2019 Exclusives Reveals

Emerald City Comic Con 2019 is taking over Seattle, Washington in just two weeks on March 14-17 2019, and our friends at Funko are ready! This week have finally announced all of their convention exclusives for this year, and there are quite a few fan favorites in the mix! Here’s the full rundown-

  • Funko POP! Ad Icons Pillsbury Doughboy with Shamrock (Shared Funko Shop)
  • Funko POP! Candy Lime Sourpatch Kid (Convention Only)
  • Funko POP!DC Comics Mister Mxyzpltk (Shared Entertainment Earth)
  • Funko POP!DC Comics Black Canary (Shared Walgreens)
  • Funko 5 Star DC Comics Batman Animated (Shared Hot Topic)
  • Funko Rock Candy DC Bombshells Starefire (Shared Funko Shop)
  • Funko POP! Dragon Ball z Porunga 6″ Super Sized (Shared Hot Topic)
  • Funko POP! Fairy Tail Gajeel with Dragon’s Scale (Shared Gamestop)
  • Funko POP! Overwatch Sombra Glitch (Shared Amazon)
  • Funko POP! Gears Of War General RAAM (Shared Gamestop)
  • Funko POP! Harry Potter Fred/George/Ginny 3-Pack (Shared Barnes & Noble)
  • Funko POP! Game Of Thrones Arya Stark (Shared BoxLunch)
  • Funko POP! Marvel Thor (Shared Gamestop)
  • Funko POP! Marvel Korath (Shared Hot Topic)
  • Funko POP! ECCC Freddy Funko (Convention Only)
  • Funko POP! Spastik Plastik Finn DuChomp Blue (Convention Only)
  • Funko POP! Office Space Michael Bolton & Samir (Shared Target)
  • Funko POP! Lord Of The Rings Grishnakh (Shared Barnes & Noble)
  • Funko POP! Life Aquatic Steve Zissou (Shared Funko Shop)
  • Vynl Wizard Of Oz Tin Man & Cowardly Lion (Shared Barnes & Noble)
  • Funko POP! Pez Scott Pilgrim Set (Shared Funko Shop)
  • Funko POP! Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers with Mallet (Shared Funko Shop)
  • Funko POP! Rick & Morty Shirtless Jaguar (Shared Hot Topic)
  • Funko POP! Disney Lion King Shenzi/Banzai/Ed (Shared Amazon)
  • Action Figures Disney Afternoon Huey/Dewey/Louie (Shared Target)
  • Funko POP!Disney Voyd (Shared Walmart)
  • FunkO’s Power Rangers Green Ranger (Shared FYE)
  • Funko POP!Carmen Sandiego Carmen DGLT (Shared FYE)
  • Funko Skateboards The Big Lebowski (Shared FYE)


And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!