Stan Lee

Long after his tenure at Marvel Comics, we know that Stan Lee has still been creating characters over the years. While much of his work came out of POW! Entertainment in recent years, the flow of ideas never stopped for Lee. While the world mourns his passing, many fans are trying to read and see as much of his work as they can. Two of his projects which many may not have checked out were the anime series ‘Heroman’ and ‘The Reflection.’ Both of these shows are legally available through streaming services online, though ‘Heroman’ only has one outlet you can view it on.

As for the shows themselves, ‘Heroman’ was released in 2001 and the plot was created by Lee with characters designed by Tamon Ohta. The show was produced through Studio Bones and followed Joey who is a kid living with his grandmother and working a minimum wage job. A new robot is released which Joey wants as he believes that it will change his life, but he can’t buy one. However, when Joey finds a broken one, he is able to fix it, and things don’t go quite as expected. His new friend turns into a giant robot named Heroman who work together to stop an invading alien race.

‘The Reflection’ feels a bit more grounded in what you would expect from Lee’s previous work. It was only released in 2017 and was developed at Studio Deen with Lee co-creating the project with director Hiroshi Nagahama. The series follows an event which shares the series title name of ‘The Reflection.’ When it occurred, people were given superpowers, and a new set of heroes and villains appeared across the globe.

Here’s where you can check out the shows:


  • Crunchyroll – You can watch it in Japanese with English subtitles for free with ads or with paid ad-free subscription.

The Reflection

  • Crunchyroll – You can watch in Japanese with English subtitles for free with ads, or paid ad-free subscription.
  • Funimation – You can watch the English dub for free with ads, or paid ad-free subscription.
  • Hulu – You can watch in Japanese with English subtitles with paid subscription.

Are you planning on streaming either of the two anime shows which Stan Lee helped create? Does ‘The Reflection’ or ‘Heroman’ sound like a more promising watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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