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We know that Zachary Levi has been campaigning to bring us more ‘Chuck‘ for years now and it would appear that he now has Netflix in mind to make it happen. The premium streaming service has been responsible for a few revivals at this time and loves getting behind genre work so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

While this is an idea that he has, there is no word as to if the rights are tied up with NBC or if Netflix would even be interested in it.

While attending a Q&A session at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest San Jose,  Levi addressed the topic which you can see below:



Levi goes so far as to say he even has plans for the films if they were to happen! Only, that isn’t real news of progress towards ‘Chuck’ movies as:

“There are plans, unfortunately they’re only my plans. I have some ideas for a plot that I think is genius, but what I would love to do is, essentially, Chuck movies. But not in the movie theaters. I would love to go to Netflix and every two years, do an hour and half to two hour Chuck movie.”

As to what style he’d like to take the films, the show itself was the inspiration but so is another spy franchise that would be a perfect fit:

“I think Chuck is kind of a perfect premise to do those one-off installments, in the same way that Bond does it. Not to compare Chuck to Bond, but isn’t it really the same thing? But it’s a happy-go-lucky kind of sillier version of James Bond. We had our baddie of the week every week or sometimes the entire year. And that’s a way easier thing to get the whole band back together for.”

With five seasons behind us, the show has become somewhat of a cult classic among fans and the ending wasn’t so cut and dry that it could stop the series from returning.

As for Netflix optioning a sixth season and not going the film route? That wouldn’t be in the cards according to Levi:

“Anybody who’s still waiting for a Season Six you need to stop waiting, stop asking. It’s not going to happen. I don’t think the show needs a full Season 6 or more than that, and I can’t get everybody back for that amount of time. What I can probably do is get everybody back together for, you know, six weeks at some point, and we can make a little Chuck movie. And if that goes well, then maybe we’ll do another one, and so on and so forth. So that’s what I’d love to do.”

A quick run does seem more realistic with everyone having moved on with their careers at this point.

Would you be thrilled if ‘Chuck’ made a comeback in movie form? Do you think Netflix would be the perfect partner to make this happen? Share your thoughts below!