It was surprising in the first place to find out that they were going to continue the ‘Tremors‘ franchise after all of these years, but at the very least I’m happy to share that we’ll be seeing Michael Gross (‘ER’, ‘Family Ties’) back as part of the cast. Gross has had a starring role in the franchise since the first film, playing the overly affectionate gun loving Burt Gummer. He is the one man that has, time after time, gone up against the creatures from the first movie, its sequels, and through the short run series.

It wouldn’t be right to continue the series without him!

We also know that the film is going to be filmed in South Africa beginning this September where many of Universal’s direct to DVD and VOD movies are shot. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a wide spread theatrical release on this one.

What is interesting is that while the film is apparently called ‘Tremors 5’, director Don Michael Paul posted the following to his blog.

After I finish up “Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich” I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the “Tremors” franchise for Universal. Big year ahead and I’m excited to keep it going with the support of all you genre movie lovers out there.

It isn’t every day that you hear a reboot also be the fifth installment in a series. Not that it isn’t possible to pull off. I just think if they really are hoping to give a fresh take on the franchise they might want to drop the 5 in exchange for a subtitle for the film.

What are your thoughts on another ‘Tremors’ movie being made? Are you glad to hear that Gross will be rejoining the cast? Should the studio have gone with a full reboot or is another chapter in the series the right way to go? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Movie Hole