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Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s ‘The Last Man on Earth’ has been a runaway hit for Fox and now the network is willing to bet big on the duo by ordering up their new show ‘Son of Zorn’.

With a full season order this hybrid live action and animated comedy is clearly going to have a lot of backing behind it. The series was originally a film concept titled ‘Son of Zahn’ which may or may not serve as the pilot episode. There is no word as to if this will put a delay on ‘In Time‘ or if the pair will be developing that as a third series for Fox.

The overall plot of the series has Jason Sudeikis (‘We’re the Millers’,’Horrible Bosses’) playing the warrior Zorn who will be an animated character. He has been gone from Earth for 10 years and his goal is to reconnect with his son Alan who is played by Johnny Pemberton (‘The Watch‘,’Ant-Man’) and his ex-wife Edie who is played by Cheryl Hines (‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’,’Waitress’). Of course the hardest part might be entering an office job instead of being in his homeland of Zephyria where he was a hero in a near constant state of war. The series is set to debut in late 2016 or early 2017 and also stars Tim Meadows (‘Saturday Night Live’,’Mean Girls’) and the original movie concept had Artemis Pebdani (‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’,’Sex Tape’) attached who may still be a part of the series.

According to Fox Broadcasting Co. entertainment president David Madden:

“This is utterly unique – there has literally never been a show like this. And, of course, it is very, very funny. The fantastically talented duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are yet again delivering precedent-setting television. Jason Sudeikis makes his animated character sound and feel live-action, and Cheryl, Johnny and Tim have incredible chemistry with him that crosses formats, genres and galaxies.”

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘The Last Man on Earth,’ I know that I’ve been in the minority there and having enjoyed their other works I have high hopes for this one.

What do you think of the ‘Son of Zorn’ concept? Will an animated and live action hybrid work or do you think the gimmick may get old quick? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter