If you’ve been excited about Fox bringing the Neil Gaiman written ‘Lucifer‘ to the small screen, you might have some reason to worry. Much like  how The CW took some liberties with the source material for ‘iZombie,’ it sounds like even more changes are coming to this character who originated in ‘Sandman’. While we already know that the series is planned to be more of a police procedural than the 2000-2006 comic run written by Mike Caret, it seems there will be quite a few changes from the series. In a recent interview, actor D.B. Woodside who plays the archangel Amenadiel says that:

“If you’re coming to Lucifer to see the comic book, you are not going to see it. Let it go.”

To clarify that comment, Executive Producer Len Wiseman says that this adaptation is “a much more grounded version of Lucifer” since the focus will be spent on his life on Earth. So instead of traveling the various realms and chances of cameos by Sandman or any of the other supernatural entities that he is associated with, we’ll most likely be seeing him spend most of his time working on cases with the occasional angel or demon popping up. While almost every comic to television series or movie of course takes liberties, this one sounds to be making some drastic directional shifts away from the source material.

So while I’m sure we’ll get some flashes of red eyes happening on occasion I wouldn’t expect many visits to other dimensions here. While the show is having a serious tone, as serious as the devil playing hooky from his responsibilities and pretending to be a detective on Earth can be that is, it won’t be without a few laughs. Lauren German who plays Chloe Dance and has to work with Lucifer on cases says that the show will be full of dark humor.

Do you think the changes will help audiences better associate with the characters and enjoy the series or will this rob the show of what made the comics unique and enjoyable? Share your thoughts below!

‘Lucifer’ will be coming to Fox in 2016

Source: Cinema Blend