John Krasinski appears to officially be confirmed to be returning to direct the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’.  Krasinski was initially resistant to the very idea of a follow-up to last year’s surprise box office hit, but after tackling the script himself, he appears to have come around.  Krasinski posted a tease on Twitter that seems to indicate that filming of the second picture was about to begin and that he would be returning behind the camera.

It is also reported that his wife, Emily Blunt has finalized her deal to return to star.  But while little is known about the follow-up, it has been hinted that it will focus more on world building, with Krasinski expressing an interest in seeing who was on the other end of those fires shown in the movie as a means for the surviving humans to keep tabs on one another.  If that is the case, Blunt may not be the focus of the new movie.  But it seems that she will still at least play some part.

The first film established a world where most of humanity had been wiped out by carnivorous monsters that are attracted to sound.  Though it wasn’t explained in the movie, it was later revealed that these creatures came from outer space.  Krasinski and Blunt played parents who had managed to soundproof their home and surrounding area in order to avoid being eaten, but things slowly start to unravel.  The entire situation is complicated by the fact that Blunt’s character is pregnant.

‘A Quiet Place’ was Krasinski’s feature film-directing debut, and he managed to knock it out of the park with his first swing.  After an electrifying debut at SXSW, the $17 million-budgeted horror flick, was expected to open with a generous $30M.  Instead, it raked in $50.2M in its first weekend on its way to earning $188M domestically, and $340M worldwide.

As Krasinski revealed, the sequel is due in theaters on May 15, 2021.  Are you excited to revisit this reality?

Source: Deadline