Stranger Things

While ‎Millie Bobby Brown has captured the hearts of audiences on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ the new comic is introducing us to a different young girl who was experimented on at Hawkins Laboratory. Dark Horse is expanding the mythology of the smash hit series by showing us another of Dr. Brenner’s experiments. Not only that, but the book will also expand upon the origins of Project MKUltra.

This comic has been put together by “writer Jody Houser (StarCraft, Orphan Black), penciller Edgar Salazar (Constantine, Smallville), inker Keith Champagne (JSA, Superboy), colorist Triona Farrell (Mech Cadet Yu, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and letterer Nate Piekos (Fight Club 3, Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows).”

‘Stranger Things: SIX’ will be the first prequel comic for the series which plans “to introduce us to the other subjects.” This theme could also be an easy way to flesh out the character of Eight who we were introduced to in the last season.

In this book:

Stranger Things: SIX follows Francine, a teenage girl with precognition. She’s struggled through a lifetime of exploitation: first by her parents, then by Dr. Brenner of Hawkins Laboratory. Dr. Brenner wants to harness her powers as well as those of the other gifted children that they hold captive at the lab. Wracked by increasingly disturbing visions, she sees an opportunity to change her life. But at what cost?

It isn’t clear if we’ll see Six escape into the world as Eleven and Eight were able to. I find it doubtful that every previous girl who was experimented on would have been able to get free alive.

You can check out previews of all three covers for the first issue right here:

Are you looking forward to the release of ‘Stranger Things: SIX #1’? Do you feel that Six will appear if any of the future episodes on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Stranger Things: SIX #1’ will be released on May 29th, 2019