Introducing Marvel’s new JARVIS app, available on iTunes and compatible with iPad, iPhone or any iOS device, which you can use in your everyday life to wake you up, check the weather and post to Facebook.  The voice of the movie JARVIS, Paul Bettany, provided over 20 hours worth of voice recordings including nine downloadable ringtones.

As you probably know, Edwin Jarvis is a British butler in the comics who serves Tony Stark and by extension, The Avengers.  For the films however, JARVIS has been re-imagined as an AI programmed to help Tony Stark organize his life and who controls all of the functions in Stark’s high tech mansion.

‘Iron Man 3’ on Blu-ray hits stores on September 24th and the JARVIS app is designed to truly make watching the film an interactive experience.  For starters, if your Blu-ray player is on the same wifi network as your mobile device, you can control the Blu-ray with your voice, making this the first voice-controlled Blu-ray ever.

Director of Interactive Marketing and Production, Dave Bushore, also described an Easter Egg feature.

“You get an AR code, that’s a glorified QR code.  They are essentially Easter eggs that will pop up when you do certain things on the disc, and there are 13 of them, hidden throughout the menus.  On the disc, JARVIS explains what they are and how to open them… Once you find the QR codes, you don’t have to find them again.  There are eight that are pretty easy to find.  Then, there are three that are a little harder.”

As for those Armors, the app comes pre-loaded with 42 different Iron Man suits that are grayed out, but that you use the AR codes to unlock throughout the movie.  Bushore described this feature:

“You can get all 42, and it explains what each one does and why Tony designed it that way.  You can save it as your background, save it as your wallpaper or send it to your friends.”

Senior Producer Brian Kwan described how to unlock the Armors by saying, “If you find one of the 13 images, you hit the scan button, frame in the picture, and it will grab and unlock that Armor.  And then, you will have access to it.”

The point of this treasure hunt is to ultimately unlock an exclusive sneak peak.  “The goal of that is, if you go through the whole thing and rebuild the database, JARVIS will let you know when you get to 100%,” Bushore explained, “When it’s fully restored, there will be a file on the database that’s a little bit extra.  If you go through all the work of finding all the Armors and rebuild JARVIS’ database, JARVIS has a cool sneak peek for you that’s an exclusive.”

Kwan teased, “You’ll have to get the Blu-ray and find the images and scan them to see what that sneak is.”

And once you’ve unlocked all the goodies on the ‘Iron Man 3’ disc, don’t worry!  The JARVIS app will continue to serve useful as the creators plan on planting similar Easter Eggs in all future Marvel Blu-ray releases.  The app itself will also be updated periodically with additional features and ringtones.

Does that sound cool to you?  Are you up for the challenge?  ‘Iron Man 3’ hits stores September 24th, but the JARVIS app is available now on iTunes.

Source: Collider