The CW has confirmed that the character of Amanda Waller (a.k.a. The Wall) will be appearing on the show ‘Arrow.’  The character is famous for leading The Suicide Squad in the comics and is noted for being a high-ranking member of covert unit A.R.G.U.S.  She was voiced by C.C.H. Pounder on ‘Justice League Unlimited’ and was portrayed by Pam Grier on ‘Smallville’ and Angela Bassett in ‘Green Lantern.‘  Most thought that Waller’s presence in the ‘Green Lantern’ movie was DC’s answer to Marvel’s Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in their various films, intended to create a common thread to tie various movies together.  Unfortunately, ‘Green Lantern’ underperformed at the box office and has been written off by Warner Brothers, so those plans were scrapped.

The CW hasn’t announced casting yet, only that the character dispatches a team to kidnap Diggle.  Well, Deadshot and Count Vertigo have already appeared on the show and Bronze Tiger is coming up, so it sounds like the Suicide Squad might come together on ‘Arrow.’  And with The Flash on his way to the program, can we expect to see his rogues Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold, two other Suicide Squad regulars?

IGN speculates that perhaps Warner Brothers may actually tie their TV universe (basically ‘Arrow’ and the possible ‘Flash’ spin-off) in with their movie franchises (‘Man of Steel’ and its sequel which will re-introduce Batman).  I suppose anything is possible, but WB was adamant to separate the two media when ‘Superman Returns’ came out while ‘Smallville’ was still airing.  There was talk of Tom Welling, the TV version of Clark Kent, advancing to the film role, but ultimately, the part went to Brandon Routh.

But back to Waller, there’s no word yet on how she will be portrayed.  For most of her existence, Waller was depicted as a zaftig woman (hence the nickname “The Wall”) but after Angela Bassett was cast in the part for ‘Green Lantern’, the comic book version suddenly lost a lot of weight to more closely resemble the actress.  The comic book Waller has maintained her svelte figure ever since.  Will the show maintain that or will they go back to the plumper Waller?  (It’s The CW, so… yeah they’re going with the skinnier version.)

But regardless, ‘Arrow’ looks to be the “all DC” show nowadays, with many characters making appearances whether they are directly tied to the Green Arrow character or not.  What do you think?  Are you excited by the possibility of a live action Suicide Squad?  Comment below!

(Source IGN)