doom patrol donkey patrol

The next episode of ‘Doom Patrol,’ entitled “Donkey Patrol,” will air exclusively on streaming service DC Universe starting Friday, February 22.  The first episode, “Pilot,” was released last week, and you can read our review of the episode here.

The official synopsis for “Donkey Patrol” is as follows:

Following Mr. Nobody’s capture of Niles Caulder and the destruction of Cloverton Ohio,
The Doom Patrol investigate the mysterious albino donkey and discover it is a door to
another universe, one where Mr. Nobody is in control. Cyborg aka Vic Stone (series star
JOIVAN WADE), a part man/part machine hero from Detroit who has his own complicated
relationship with Niles Caulder, joins the search.

Here’s the preview trailer for the episode!

DC has provided 20 photos of “Donkey Patrol” to whet your appetite until the episode airs.  Take a look at them below, and let us know if you’re tuning in to see ‘Doom Patrol’ by sounding off in the comments below!