The time has come, and fans of the Marvel/Netflix MCU, especially those who are fans of ‘Jessica Jones,’ will be happy to hear that the rumor train has begun on when exactly ‘Jessica Jones’ season 3 is going to premiere, as before all we knew was that it was coming out sometime in 2019.

According to a live webcast for the Disney’s Q1 2019 Fiscal Year Earnings Call, a hint was dropped that the series was going to be released during the third quarter of 2019, which translates to (not being a business person I had to look it up) April, May or June of 2019. Insiders are speculating the series will most likely come out AFTER the release of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ which makes sense to make sure it does not get overshadowed by the major cinematic event, and allows the company the garner the superhero interest of the public for as long a time as possible in that quarter.

Releasing the third season in April through June of 2019 fits with fan projections for when Netflix would premiere the latest season of ‘Jesssica Jones’ as well considering the timeline of when production ended (it started in June of 2018) and the usual schedule of post-production for a Netflix/Marvel series, so all signs point to this being a pretty accurate prediction.

Regardless, Netflix still plays pretty fast and loose with letting the public know the premiere date for their series, with even the last ‘Punisher’ season not getting an official premiere date till about 2 weeks before it came out, with Netflix only telling people “January 2019.” So most likely we will not know for certain until much closer to the release. Then we can sit back and enjoy what most likely will turn out the be the final Netflix/Marvel season.

I am frankly surprised there has not yet been news about Netflix cancelling ‘The Punisher,’ but that may be due to a different contract with that series because it was not part of the original order of shows when Marvel and Netflix first made arrangements.

Either way, fans should prepare themselves for a Marvel-LESS Netflix soon enough, as even the main MCU is going away from the streaming giant, as ‘Captain Marvel’ is the first cinematic installment in the MCU that will go exclusively to the Disney+ streaming platform once it leaves theaters.

SOURCE: Inverse