In honor of ‘Batgirl’ #35, we had to take a selfie.

Over the summer, we learned that acclaimed comic book writer Gail Simone would be departing ‘Batgirl’ and the series would be taken in a completely different direction. Starting with issue thirty-five, the popular DC comic starring Barbara Gordon became a bit lighter and more twenty-something oriented as our hero would get a fresh start in the hip part of Gotham known as Burnside. This change comes under the creative guidance of co-writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher alongside extremely talented newcomer Babs Tarr, who made waves when the series was first announced because of her awesome redesign of Batgirl’s costume.

At this year’s New York Comic Con, we had the opportunity to chat with the entire ‘Batgirl’ team only days after the must-read issue hit the shelves of our local comic shops. During our interview, we touched on the origins of this creative team, the new direction of the book, a few things that they were all hoping to bring to the table with their take on the character, and where Babs (the superhero, not the actress) is headed in the future. We also spend some time talking about the fashion of ‘Batgirl’, which naturally involved some talk about Barbara’s more functional and low-key crime fighting attire. You can check out how it all went down in the video below:

What did you think of ‘Batgirl’ #35? Are you a fan of the new direction that Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr have taken Barbara Gordon? And what do you hope to see from the series as it moves forward? Let us know in the comment section.