Star Trek: Discovery Sonequa Martin-Green

If there’s one thing Trekkies love more than Wookies it’s fan theories! One, in particular, has been spinning online about ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ star Sonequa Martin-Green’s character Michael Burnham and her relationship with Spock. Well, Martin-Green has finally settled the score!

Ethan Peck joins the ‘Discovery’ cast as Spock for the second season of the series. Michael Burnham is Spock’s foster sister, and the two haven’t spoken in years. Burnham maintains that she is to blame for their estranged relationship. And, because the internet is the internet, fans have speculated that this meant the two had a romantic relationship at one point.

Making a guest appearance on The View, Martin-Green set the record straight that Burnham and Spock never shared such a relationship. She said:

“There is a theory I want to talk to you all about. People are saying that maybe they had a sexual relationship, and that’s why they’re estranged? No true. I’m here to say that’s not true. I saw that, and I saw a few articles about it. I am here today to say no-no.”

She did admit that the relationship is very complicated, saying:

“I will say…that it is not a simple relationship. It is a very complicated relationship. It’s a highly emotional relationship. And it will take some work.”

During a panel at Fan Expo Canada, Martin-Green spoke about what it meant to her that her character is so involved with the iconic ‘Trek’ characters, saying:

“It’s incredible. I just think it’s genius to have us be set where we are, 10 years before TOS and to have Burnham be connected to that institution that is the family of Sarek and Amanda and Spock. I just am so appreciative of it. It’s so full. It’s so full, it’s wrought with everything. And then I end up being two degrees separated from Captain Pike and that’s really interesting too, to be able to have that sort of connection to the canon. I really loved that because one of the things we are doing in our iteration, on ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ is being our own thing, but also keeping that connection with us in the canon and having that connective tissue. So, I really appreciate it, and it is juicy!”

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