funko daredevil

This is firmly in the rumor department right now, but it sounds like Warner Bros. is cooking up a ‘Funko!‘ movie that would contain a DC and Marvel crossover. While it seems unlikely to see the light of day, the film appears to be happening from the success of the “LEGO Movie” films and the studio wants to expand their animated offerings. The concept is to give a live action and animated hybrid film to audiences based on the collectible line that showcases superheroes, directors, movie characters, television shows, and so much more.

Daniel Richtman shared the initial details in the Tweets below that gives us a limited idea of which characters could be involved and when it could go into development:


Richtman has been providing a slew of scoops lately and while you might still feel suspect about this, Slash Film has confirmed that a ‘Funko!’ movie does appear to be in development if not which characters are involved. They shared that, “while this all sounds a little dubious, we were able to confirm independently that a Funko! movie is in development at Warner Bros.’ animation wing.”

So this does indicate that a ‘Funko!’ movie is happening, however, which characters will be in it are still up for debate. Still, throwing Wonder Woman, the Care Bears, Hellboy, Deadpool, Hello Kitty, Harley Quinn, Darth Vader, and My Little Pony together could be fun assuming Disney and Warner Bros. work out a deal. Having Deadpool and Harley Quinn working together would be entertaining enough but throwing more serious characters such as Hellboy and Darth Vader into the mix will be downright funny.

We’ll share more details as they become available.

Would you be open to seeing a ‘Funko!’ movie? Do you think that this will be a Marvel and DC crossover film or will we only see Warner Bros. properties make an appearance? Are there any other ‘Funko!’ characters that you’d want to see appear? Share your thoughts in the comments below!