Wonder Girl

Introduced in the second half of the first season of ‘Titans’, Conor Leslie‘s Wonder Girl/Donna Troy brought some much needed “super” to this superhero show.  It was established that she is Wonder Woman‘s younger sister and possesses similar Amazonian powers and that she and Dick shared adventures when they were younger.  She even whipped out her Magic Lasso a few times.  A newly leaked photo shows that in Season Two, Wonder Girl is going to get even more wonderful.

Leslie’s Wonder Girl suit is very unique, in that it is shiny and bright and lacks the padded, armor appearance of Robin’s, Hawk’s and Dove’s costumes.  It is athletic and practical and is cut in a way that would seem to allow her to move freely.  With her super strength, she doesn’t need all the padding that the mortal heroes would.

Overall, it is a nice adaptation of her classic red costume, but with more texture and detail and with the cut given a more modern look than the “bathing suit top” of the comic book version.  The point in front creates a subtle “W.”  (In fact, these elements are reminiscent of Cassie Sandsmark’s costume.)  The gold stars are given a more interesting arrangement and are obviously metallic adornments rather than being printed on.  At the bottom of the image, a tiny bit of her bulletproof bracelet can be glimpsed.

Obviously, the bottom of the costume isn’t seen, so we’ll have to wait to behold how the entire uniform looks and how it comes across on the screen.

Some are already expressing disappointment that the show isn’t using the black “galaxy” costume Donna adopted later, as Troia.  ‘Titans’ could still introduce that look in the future, but there is a question as to how it can actually be rendered on TV.  Would they have to use computer visual effects everytime she appears?  A print would look too cheap, as would sequins or anything similar to that.  In more recent comics, her suit has been simplified, so rather than the all over “galaxy” appearance, it’s solid black with white/silver stars, placed similarly to those on her red suit.  That would work fine except that this show can already get bleak enough without a solid black suit adding to the gloom.

Besides that, though the show takes huge liberties, it is mainly inspired by the Marv Wolfman/George Pérez ‘New Teen Titans’ era and Donna wore the red suit back then.

Expect to see more of Conor Leslie’s Wonder Girl/Donna Troy when ‘Titans’ Season Two premiers.  (No word on when that will be yet.)

In the meantime, the first season is available on DC Universe in the US and on Netflix elsewhere.

Have you watched all of Season One?  What did you think?  Are you looking forward to more Wonder Girl?