Usually, when a film gets delayed, it is due to production issues but the upcoming reboot of ‘Doom‘ is actually being pushed back for another reason. Universal Pictures wants it to look even better, and when requested for more time they pushed the release back from May 17th, 2019 to an unspecified date this Fall. It sounds as if the studio has already seen the current cut of the movie and like the overall plot and action but want the filmmakers to have the time to use their resources to accurately deliver on the VFX.

The plan is to revise a scene which takes place in Hell and to “use a broader VFX brush to really make Hell awesome” so that Universal can make it look even “more fantastic.”

It is primarily the visuals which they want to improve as the “…action and story of the Hell sequence is NOT changing” as the production team is just “…enhancing the location and doing some pick-up photography that supports the original vision of the scene.”

We’ve got a few shots from the film you can check out right here as well:

Writer and director Tony Giglio has the potential to build a franchise where the 2005 release which starred Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban failed from being a bloody mess to watch. Hopefully, we’ll see a more fan and audience-friendly translation this time around. The director has already shown interest in making a sequel to include some of the iconic bosses which won’t be in the first one. Clearly, this is going to be left off open-ended enough for at least one sequel.

Are you looking forward to the remake of ‘Doom’? What are your thoughts on Universal allowing the VFX team more time to put the movie together? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Dread Central