Mega Man

If Hollywood has proven anything in recent years is that even though every live-action video game movie that has been coming out has been a flop, they’ll still try to find a winner. Now you can add ‘Mega Man‘ as the latest to be turned into a feature film! Twentieth Century Fox has been working on acquiring the rights for a cinematic take on the franchise for over two years and with the deal having closed earlier this year they are eager to get started! At this time, we’ve learned that the ‘Catfish’ documentary filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are in final negotiations to both write and direct the film.

Working with Fox we know that Chernin Entertainment and Masi Oka (‘Heroes’) are set to produce the film.

The video game franchise has spawned over 50 titles released at this point, cartoons, manga adaptations, comics, and cameos in a slew of other video games. While initially a pretty simple plot line, there has been plenty of exploration in the world which Mega Man lives at this point to offer up a truly immersive cinematic take on the character.

Mega Man was initially created by Dr. Light to be his lab assistant. One of Light’s colleagues, Dr. Wily, betrays his trust and reprograms many of their robots in a bid at world domination. As a last chance to stop him. Mega Man, originally known as Rock, puts himself in battle mode and uses upgrades to battle these evil Robots, stop Wily, and save the world. The plot grows exponentially from there adding an extensive cast of heroes and villains to the mix.

Hollywood so far has had extremely mixed results taking video game franchises to the big screen. As a fan of many of the original games, I hope that this will be one of the first ones that they really get right!

Do you think that Fox will be able to bring a successful ‘Mega Man’ into our lives? How much of a film like this would have to end up as CGI? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter