Space Jam 2

“Come on and slam! Welcome to the jam!” The space jam, that is! Yes, after several months of radio silence, ‘Space Jam 2’ is back on the radar! Yes, the sequel to the 1996 film that redefined cinema for a generation is still coming, and now we have a better idea of just when that will be!

We now know that the film will – which has been in pre-production for some time – will begin filming this summer. Thanks to the folks at Discussing Film, the word is out. Filming on ‘Space Jam 2’ will kick off (wrong sport, I know) in California on June 17, 2019. There has yet to be any official word on the film’s planned release date. However, with production commencing this summer, it’s entirely possible that it could be headed for a release by late 2020 or perhaps early 2021.

Reportedly, the plot of ‘Space Jam 2’ will involve the theft of sports memorabilia. In the wake of this heinous crime, Lebron James is recruited track down the missing valuables. And somewhere along the way there will, of course, be Looney Tunes. And space. And presumably jams of some description.

What else do we know about this sure-to-be classic film? Very little at this stage. Last summer was bookended by ‘Space Jam’ headlines. First, June brought rumors of a teaser (which ultimately never materialized) accompanying star Lebron James’ announcement of which team he’d be playing for following the end of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then in September, the news broke that ‘Black Panther‘ and ‘Creed’ director Ryan Coogler had come aboard the project as a producer with Terence Nance claiming the director’s chair.

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