Ron Perlman (‘Pacific Rim‘,’Sons of Anarchy’) recently called for support to get ‘Hellboy 3‘ made and now he is opening up a little about the potential film. The most obvious reason on why he wants the movie done “sooner rather than later” is because, quite frankly, he’s getting on in age and doesn’t want to do Hellboy from a wheelchair.

He also doesn’t want to do crowdfunding. Its for a love of how movies have been made in the past as he says that:

“I wouldn’t want to be involved in crowdfunding. I don’t think its the fans job to fund a movie. I think its up to the people who do it professionally. I think its the fans job is to sit back and buy popcorn and Coke and watch the movie and enjoy it…”

While I’m all about eating popcorn and watching a good movie, this is one of the few that I know I would open my wallet to contribute to. More importantly, though, he touches on the overall plot of ‘Hellboy 3’ without giving away any of the juicy details. It is going to put Hellboy into the position that was hinted at in the first film as:

“I know that Hellboy 3 was designed to resolve the dilemma of whether the beast of the apocalypse would live up to his oracle, his destiny, of destroying mankind. Or whether the beast we’ve seen nurtured all these years, to use his immense superpowers to protect mankind. Which one would win out? The destiny part is non-negotiable. So, something dramatic has to happen in the third Hellboy movie, to see which one prevails.”

So ‘Hellboy 3’ would pretty much focus on the entire beast of the apocalypse story line that will involve his Right Hand of Doom and possibly give us more hints and shots of a post apocalyptic world being dominated by demons. More than likely it would start to happen before his nurturing is able to overcome his nature and we see him save the day.

I. Really. Want. This. Movie. To. Happen!

You can watch the full interview here!

Are you hoping that Perlman is able to get ‘Hellboy 3’ pushed into production as much as I do? Would you be willing to donate to a crowdfunding project if he changed his mind? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Digital Spy