Tim Blake Nelson
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Don’t you hate it when a clone goes evil? That isn’t the exact premise of the upcoming ‘Michael Zero’ but does seem to play into the plot! The movie is set to be directed by Tim Blake Nelson (‘Anesthesia,’ ‘Leaves of Grass’) who has acted in quite a few fun films such as ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and the Tom Cruise-starring ‘Minority Report.’ While known more for his acting than his directing talents, Nelson has a few films under his belt, and it sounds like he has a fun one in ‘Michael Zero.’

The movie is being brought to us by Millennium Media and Eclectic Pictures based on a script by Adam Alleca.

For what the movie is about? We’re heading into a future way to fight wars with clones which is an idea that has been made popular through countless films in the past, including the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy!

“It centers on a man who has to hunt down clones of himself who have gone AWOL from a war they were made to fight in and instead have set their sights on the corporate state that created them.”

As to if this Michael Zero will end up on the side of his corporate state or turn on them is something that we’ll likely be in the dark on for quite some time. Honestly, it feels like the kind of dystopian society where we’d see him start off working against his clones and later learning to agree with them and lead them to victory. We may even end up seeing that the first Michael is, in fact, a clone as well who might have been lied to throughout the film.

Do you like the concept behind ‘Michael Zero’? Which actor do you hope we’ll see play a slew of variations of the same character in the movie? Will this first Micahel be a hero or villain as the final credits roll? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.