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Both Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios have been in touch with M. Night Shyamalan to do a film but so far the director has passed on these offers. While he isn’t discounting ever working with either studio, he has an excellent reason as to why he feels that his work isn’t a good fit. At least, for the movies, he has been in contact about.

With bringing to life his own successful superhero film ‘Unbreakable‘ with the follow-ups of ‘Split’ and this week ‘Glass,’ we know that the filmmaker has already been working in the medium. So why not jump to one of the big players for a film or two?

“I want to make sure it’s right for everybody. I have a strong [filmmaking] accent. It’s very particular, and the best version of it is, to keep the accent… Are those movies [Marvel and DC superhero films] a place for that? Or is it appropriate for that? Because they, in and of themselves, have their own flavor. Do they want this other Tabasco in there? So it’s philosophically a question. It doesn’t mean [I’ll] never [do it], but it’s very hard to imagine.”

It looks as if either company would have to make a particular type of pitch to catch Shyamalan’s attention and that neither has quite yet. That being said, we’ve seen plenty of directors stop working with both studios in the past over creative differences so not having to put oneself in that boat might be a good idea.

He goes on to stress he doesn’t feel this is a creative problem on the studio side either:

“It’s not fair to [studios] because they want to make [their films] in a certain language. And what if I said ‘Hey, I’m going to do this 3-minute shot on the back of his head, and I also want to make them very dark, and I want his motivation to be really ambiguous, and I want to challenge the audience to make them super-uncomfortable.

I want [the studio] to be OK with those things.”

This is an area where it is likely wise for Shyamalan to continue playing in his own sandbox. With ‘Glass’ finishing off the trilogy that he started with ‘Unbreakable’ it could quite well mean that it will be the last time the director even works on a superhero movie though his fans can always hold out hope that one of the larger studios might pitch a story and character that will catch his interest.

Would you rather see M. Night Shyamalan make a Marvel or DC film? Which characters do you think are in his wheelhouse to give us a compelling story that could fit in his style? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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