After proving that he still has box office muscle, Superman will be expanding his comic book presence this fall in Superman/Wonder Woman.  He currently headlines his traditional books Action Comics and Superman as well as the newly launched Superman: Unchained and Batman/Superman.  Prior to this, Batman seemed to be the hero that dominated spinner racks with five titles and four other books as part of his “family.”  There are even four Green Lantern tie-in books!

This is perhaps even more significant for Wonder Woman.  Though she headlined a number of books during the 1940s, typically no female hero has managed to star in more than one book at a time since then, not even Wonder Woman, arguably the world’s most recognizable.  Both heroes also co-star in Justice League, alongside the rest of DC’s biggest names.

Superman/Wonder Woman will be written by Charles Soule (Swamp Thing) and drawn by Tony Daniel (Action Comics, Detective Comics).  Daniel provided this exclusive promo artwork to IGN, who first broke the news.  The title will explore the budding relationship between the two big name heroes who very publicly began dating last year, apparently proving that DC is standing firmly behind this coupling.  The first issue hits stands in October.

Are you excited to see the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon co-starring in a book?  Comment below!