X-Force No More As Rob Liefeld Shares The Movie Has Been Scrubbed

We were originally told that a third ‘Deadpool‘ wasn’t going to happen with ‘X-Force’ replacing it and now that doesn’t seem to be the case. While there is a good chance we’ll see Marvel Studios find a way to bring The Merc With The Mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the original plan for an ‘X-Force’ film has been shot down. Creator Rob Liefeld has shared that Fox has cancelled the film thanks to to the upcoming Walt Disney buyout of the company.

We’ve known that Marvel Studios was open to any films already in production at Fox to be completed but with the deadline of the merger becoming official looming there just isn’t time to get ‘X-Force’ to that point.

Liefeld confirmed this on Daniel Richtman’s report that ‘Gambit’ and ‘Dr. Doom’ were officially dead sharing that:

With that in mind, we’ve often heard Kevin Feige and others state that they were open to bringing Ryan Reynolds‘ take on the character into the MCU. All this could mean is that while Fox’s take on ‘X-Force’ has been cancelled, a Marvel Studios version is in the works to find a way to transfer the characters, or at least Wade Wilson into the MCU. Only time will tell, but it seems unlikely that we won’t see Reynolds return as the character at this juncture.

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