We know that a ‘Blue Beetle’ movie is in development and now it sounds like there is a cameo for the time-traveling Booster Gold happening in the film. With how early in development the movie currently is, it is hard to say this is more than a rumor, but it sounds to have come from multiple sources who would be familiar with the production of the film.

While the movie doesn’t have a director attached at this time, we do know that Zev Foreman (‘Colossal’,’The Zero Theorem’) is producing the film while Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is putting the script together.

There are multiple iterations of this character out there and the film is said to put Jaime Reyes, the latest Blue Beetle, front and center. Not only that, but Ted Kord, the original Blue Beetle, will be there mentoring him as he becomes a hero. As the original Beetle was good friends with Booster and had a series together titled ‘Blue and Gold,’ it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see if that is how the time traveler is introduced here.

In 2016 we heard that a ‘Booster Gold‘ movie was in the works but wouldn’t be part of the DC Cinematic Universe. At this time it isn’t clear if the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie is going to be or if the film mentioned above is still in development. Greg Berlanti has been cited as having a script ready or nearly so for the film that just needs Warner Bros. to sign off on and if that is still the case, this could have these two heroes taking care of crime on their own version of Earth.

Are you excited that progress is being made on the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie? Would you be thrilled if a ‘Booster Gold’ cameo happens? Do you think that this movie will take place in the same world as the other DC movies or in a new world entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Geeks WorldWide