Avengers: Infinity War Cosmic Cube

When the MCU first began, before we saw Thanos in the end credits of ‘Avengers’ and we realized it was all going to come down to those Infinity Stones, most fans believed that the Tesseract McGuffin of ‘Captain America’ and ‘The Avengers’ was in fact, the Cosmic Cube of the comics, another immensely powerful object with the power to bend reality. Of course now we know that the cube was just a housing device for the power stone, but the question still remains, was there ever a time when the Tesseract was meant to be the Cosmic Cube and not just another Infinity Stone?

According to a recent report, it seems it was. Recently while speaking with Collider, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley spoke about the Red Skull’s place in ‘Infinity War’ and whether that was thrown in for the fans or part of the plan for the whole time, to which they replied:

“Obviously, we started with him, 10 years ago. And he had the Cosmic Cube, which was then referred to sometimes as the Cosmic Cube, and we didn’t know it was one of the Infinity Stones.”

This is a fascinating tidbit, especially for the MCU, where it seems like they had everything planned out from the get-go, and does explain why they would put the power-stone in a cube that looks SO MUCH like the Cosmic Cube. But does this mean they have some story ideas they might want to wheel out using the Cosmic Cube at some point in the future? Maybe in Phase 4 or beyond?

We know it is immensely powerful and has caused some real trouble in the comics (most recently by turning Captain America in a Hydra-agent/ Nazi by warping reality/ his mind/ his backstory), and it could allow some retconning/ recasting of characters as contracts and new movies/ideas are demanded as time moves on, but that depends on whether or not Marvel thinks the fans would be willing to go along with the idea and buy into the power of the cube.

We’ll just have to wait and see, and first get past this whole half the universe is dead business that ended ‘Infinity War.’