Following the events in Avengers Vs. X-Men, Scott “Brass Balls” Summers has the audacity to turn up at Logan’s school and ask him to reconsider siding with the Avengers.  That’s really the gist of this entire book, it’s just more drawn out.

Rachel tells Bobby that she’s thoroughly examined Angel’s brain and there isn’t a single trace of Warren Worthington III’s personality, memories or thoughts.  When he was “scorched” it burned away every trace of the old Warren, leaving a clean slate, which is rapidly evolving, mastering language and art at an astounding rate.  Meanwhile, Angel attempts to prove he is a real angel by flying to heaven.  It obviously doesn’t quite work out for him.

Scott and Logan end up having a peaceful discussion, but neither budges their stance.  There is actually a two-page spread that is innovatively laid out so that you read it left to right, then right to left, then left to right again.  It was pretty cool!

Genesis, who like Angel was once Apocalypes, but was burned out and recreated, saves Angel, who now realizes he is just a mutant.  Genesis knows the other kids whisper about him behind his back and asks Angel what he sees when he looks at him.  Angel sees Apocalypse but lies and says he sees only “goodness.”

Emma and Kitty have a headmistress-off.  Quentin Quire says to Magik, “You’re blonde, Russian and exceedingly demonic.  How is it that we’re aren’t already dating?”  Scott and his people leave, but surprises are in store for Logan when he learns most of his team are ready to side with Cyclops.  Rachel, the former Phoenix, wants to help Hope, should the Phoenix Force choose her as its new host.  Iceman was one of the first X-Men and owes Scott his life, a dozen times over.  He also says that Jean would want him to help Hope.  Chamber remembers he still has friends in Utopia.  Gambit has a grudge against the Avengers because they don’t have any southerners on their team.  (Really?)  Iceman says he isn’t shifting his allegiance, and plans to return to Westchester once this struggle is over, but Wolverine says he hopes they have a place left to come back to.  So that group goes off to help the other X-Men.  Idie asks Logan to protect her best friend, Hope, just as he gets a communication from Captain America.

Elsewhere the Shi’ar Death Commandos arrive on Earth to kill the Phoenix Force’s newest host.

I’ll be honest, with as many books as I have to read in order to review, I’ve slowly stopped following those I don’t review and that includes the main ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ miniseries.  So this book, which follows that one, didn’t have the impact it would have otherwise.  Still there were nice character beats for Angel and Iceman.  And Rachel Grey says more on one page than she has in the previous nine issues of this book.  Having not read ‘AvX’, I don’t get why she isn’t the Phoenix’s host, since she was already the Phoenix for several years in the past.  Why Hope?

The art is great as usual.  The previously mentioned two page spread was particularly inventive.  It’s solid all around.

Obviously, I wasn’t blown away by this issue, but it was still good.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Tim Townsend