James Gunn
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James Gunn has written the script for ‘The Suicide Squad’, the follow-up to Warner Brothers’ 2016 DC Comics movie, and he is now in negotiations to direct.  Gunn’s picture is said to be more of a reboot than a direct sequel, but the basic premise of ‘Suicide Squad’ is the use of a ragtag group of supervillains, who are sent on possibly deadly covert ops missions for the government in exchange for reduced prison sentences.  But the latest buzz is that Warner Brothers actually hoped to entice Gunn to take on an even more high-profile project– a ‘Superman’ movie.  And while Gunn will not be tackling the Man of Steel, it seems that his research led to the creation of another unexpected flick.

Actually, it sounds as though Gunn had his pick of DC properties, and ‘Superman’ was among them.  Gunn did some research but clearly chose to take on ‘The Suicide Squad’ instead, which is a great fit for the man who brought the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to the big screen twice.  But while Gunn was looking into the Superman mythos, he took a liking to Krypto, Superman’s Kryptonian pet dog, who shares the same assortment of superpowers.  (Keep in mind, Gunn made Marvel’s Rocket Racoon a movie star.)

Though it doesn’t look as though Gunn will be actively involved in the film, this past week, Warner Brothers scheduled a release date for ‘DC Super Pets‘– May 21, 2021.  Jared Stern (‘The LEGO Batman Movie’) and Sam Levine (‘Wreck-It Ralph’) are attached to direct.

Nothing more is known about this picture.  Other potential animal stars could include Ace the Bat-Hound; Robin Robin, a bird belonging to– who else?– Robin; Bat-Cow, a bovine saved by Damian Wayne; Wonder Woman’s kangaroo-like steed, Jumpa; Aquaman’s seahorse, Storm; Gleek, the space monkey with a stretchy tail and the ability to pull buckets out of mid-air, that tags along with the Wonder Twins; and more.

As stated, ‘DC Super Pets’ will swoop into theaters on May 21, 2021, just a few months before Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’, which arrives on August 6, 2021.

Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t look as though a ‘Superman’ movie is in the works.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter