It seems Daniel Radcliffe has gotten himself mixed up in a different kind of magic these days, while James McAvoy has gone from saving lives as Professor X to creating his own. I, of course, am speaking of the pair starring in Fox’s ‘Victor Frankenstein,’ which is set to open this fall on November 25th.

The film strives to give the classic ‘Frankenstein’ story from the point of view of the infamous doctor himself, while modernizing a lot of the elements, and making Igor into more of a sarcastic sidekick instead of a bumbling henchmen. McAvoy stars as the titular character, while Radcliffe steps in as Igor, and with the Victorian era urban setting and dynamic between the leads, the trailer (below) definitely gives the impression that the film seems to be mix of Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with Hugh Jackman’s ‘Van Helsing.’ It could be a lot of fun, but it might also be a CGI nightmare, with a lot depending on the characters chemistry, the humor, and how the action is handled, especially if Frankenstein and Igor are meant to be the heroes of the film.

Joining the main stars of the cast are Andrew Scott (‘Sherlock’) playing the nemesis of Doctor Frankenstein Inspector Roderick Turpin, and Jessica Brown Findlay (‘Downtown Abbey’) as Lorelei, with the director of the film being Paul McGuigan based on a screenplay written by Max Landis. The trailer does an adequate job depicting the new lighter tone of the story, while also managing to maintain some of the horror feeling which goes hand in hand with the original tale.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Is the premise enticing enough for you to go see it opening weekend? Or does it look like another desperate Hollywood attempt to reboot a franchise? Share your opinions below.

Slurce: The Hollywood Reporter